Jan. 11th, 2012

agent_squeaks: (happytimes)
a trans* guy specific zine [ Dude which I can't shill enough because it's awesome] and an anthology [Significant Letters which looks really cool but has a minimum of 3k which is a lot] both have upcoming calls for submission from lovers/significant others of trans guys [and in the case of the anthology, trans people in general].

I brought these up to the boy, just kinda 'cause I think it'd be cool if he did something, plus I like showing him parts of my world outside of fandom/geeky stuff/porn.

And amid his [complete and utter lies proclaiming that he can't write] blusterings [I just wanted an excuse to use blusterings in something of a sentence] he said that he "was interested but not enough to write" which I kinda coo'd at because that's the best I'm going to get and it's really enough that he's interested. Such a sweetheart.

Also he gave me permission [or at least doesn't care/didn't mention it and he would have if he didn't want me to, he is very good about voicing his displeasure] if I write about us whiiich means, i guess, that he's okay with being referred to as my partner which is kinda really awesome.

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