Nov. 23rd, 2011 03:08 pm
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Was hanging out with the boy last Saturday [the 19th], we're fooling around [i got some whee!] it's all good and then he calls my genitalia "exotic".
i'd already been feeling dysphoric that whole week [a friend of mine started T with insurance/without any hassles so i've been ridic jealous] and that didn't help.

asked him about the day after [just to make sure i'm not just his "trans guy experiment" because i've been someone's experiment before and it's not something i want to repeat, especially not with him] and i got this in response:
"Well, I don't really have experience with trans guys at all~ So figuring out what makes you giggle and squirm despite our differences is icing on a clever, quirky cake :3"

Yeah, i've been pretty much a pile of goo since. [and this later response didn't help: "well you are a silly handsomeface"]

and now he knows [one word] what not to call me! yaayy!
[i also have a pdf for him. it's Dude-a trans guy zine that he really needs to read, just as a sort of primer or something/open up a discussion/see if he has any questions.]

on 2011-11-23 08:38 pm (UTC)
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I'm glad that it was error of language rather than anything else.
Also Dude is awesome. I don't know where they're at with plans for two and three, but there are plans for two and three.

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