Oct. 16th, 2011 11:31 pm
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Contains: puppyplay, Sir's POV, licking, rimming
His eyes are bright and blue, glasses sliding down his nose and he yips and noses at my cheek. His tongue slips out and licks my cheek, grinning a decidedly dog-like grin at me.
"Silly puppy," I murmur, hand snaking into his hair, twining a few strands around my fingers and he clambers into my lap, nuzzling my thighs. "Puppy just wants to snuggle today, doesn't he? Wants to just lay in my lap as I work?"
He nods enthusiastically, tongue flopping out and he slurps my cheek, making a quick face before he does it again, getting my face covered in a layer of spit.
I laugh, wiping it off onto my pants. "Well puppy that's what you get when you lick people with facial hair."
A whuff and he settles down in my lap, my legs spread just enough for him to rest his head on a thigh. I chuckle and pluck his glasses off, lying them down on a table. "There you go, pup, nice and comfy?"
He hmms and licks at my fingers, sucking them into his mouth before pulling off, burrowing his face into my leg.
"And you're gonna be a good boy when I work, aren't you?" I ask, running a hand down his back and he arches against my touch.
"Yes," he breathes, squirming in my lap.
"Good boy."
He hums, curled up in my lap and I start typing, continuing until a warm wet tongue starts gently lapping at my skin.
"That tickles."
He giggles and continues nosing about my armpit, still humming.
"Puppy. That tickles." My voice rises a bit as I squirm around on the couch.
He raises his head out of my armpit, a look of complete innocence on his face. "It does, Sir? Oops."
I swat his thigh gently. "Yes. It does."
"Sorry," he says, flopping his head down on my thigh and nosing at my zipper.
"No, you're not, puppy. Lying gets you a time-out, remember?" I caress his cushy ass firmly, grinning as he presses against my hand.
"I remember," he mumbles, still nosing at my zipper and I glance down.
"You gonna pull it down with your teeth, pup?"
He nods. "Gonna try."
"Good boy."
He takes my zipper in his teeth and yanks. And falls off, nearly tumbling off the couch before I catch him.
"Silly puppy yanked a little too hard didn't he?"
He blushes, his cheeks red and he ducks his head nodding and trying again, gently taking my zipper in his teeth and pulling.
"Mmm, puppy know what he wants, doesn't he? And puppy wants his Master's hard cock, I bet."
He pants, tongue lolling out of his mouth as he finishes pulling my zipper down and stares at me expectantly.
I grin at him. "What?" I coo. "Does puppy want his Master's cock? Does him, does him?"
He barks, grinning back.
"Oh all right. I guess I can indulge you this time, you spoiled puppy." I work my hard cock out of my pants and let it spring forth.
He beams, diving onto it and a gasp slips out of my mouth as I feel his tongue licking at me.
"G-good puppy," I force out, pressing his head down against me and grinding his face into my crotch.
He lets out a low moan and I can feel spit soaking my pants.
"Mmm, puppy missed his Master, didn't he?"
Another soft whuff and I feel a wet warm tongue caressing my balls. I shiver as he moves up to the underside of my cock, tongue lapping at sensitive skin and I let out a happy sigh, my hand resting at the nape of his neck.
"Master missed his puppy too. Mmm, if you keep that up, puppy, you're gonna get all dirty and then I'm gonna have to give you a bath."
The licking continues in earnest, that tongue moving over my cock and I groan in pleasure, gently nudging him off and wrapping a hand around my hard dripping cock.
"C'mon pup, open wide," I say, rubbing up and down vigorously, my hand slick with precome and spit.
He obeys immediately and I love that about him, how obedient my puppy is,
he obeys and I come all over his face, lines of come dripping down his face and he licks his lips happily.
"And now you need a bath, puppy."
Another bark, his voice rising at the end and I laugh.
"Oh all right, I guess it was my fault you got dirty. But you still need a bath."
He presses his face against my pants leg and I groan. "Bad puppy. You could've licked that off.
Come on, get up, bathtime."
I get up and head to the bathroom, listening to his tags jingle as he follows behind on his hands and knees.
I slide my pants off and lean down to turn on the water.
"In the shower, pup. Time to get you all nice and clean."
He cocks his head at me quizzically, nudging my bare leg.
"You splash. And you already got my pants all dirty, puppy. Now get in."
He grins at me before climbing into the tub, shivering as the water hits his skin and he whines.
"Oh all right, I guess I can turn the heat up."
He sighs happily as hot water splashes against his skin and I pull out a washcloth.
"Time to get my puppy all nice and clean," I say, grinning as I slide a hand against his wet dripping slit and he lets out a low moan.
"Puppy's really wet down here, isn't he? Gonna have to get that area really clean."
I keep rubbing against him and he rocks back against my hand, gasping and groaning until finally he comes, coating my hand.
"Mmm, good boy." I press a kiss to his forehead and he licks my cheek.
I hum as I aim the spray nozzle at him, washing away the soap. "There we go, puppy. All nice and clean. Get out."
He sighs fondly, getting out of the tub and shaking himself, spraying me with water.
I squawk, swatting his ass. "Bad dog. You know better. Now I'm all wet."
He grins at me, taking my shirt sleeve in his mouth and tugging at it.
"You did this on purpose didn't you? You little brat. If you wanted my shirt off, all you had to was ask."
He barks.
"Yeah, yeah. See if you get a nice fluffy towel now, puppy. Come on."
I walk out out of the bathroom and he pads along behind me, tags jingling, and I strip off my shirt, tossing it on the pile of dirty clothes before flopping down on the bed and hunting for the remote.
He whines from the floor, nudging an arm.
"You want up, puppy? Roll over, first."
He rolls over immediately, displaying his adorable chubby belly, and I can't help but lean down and press a kiss to it, swirling my tongue around his navel.
"Good boy," I murmur against his skin, licking down the slight stripe of hair on his stomach. "Up." I pat the bed, pulling my head up.
He jumps up and it's not long before I feel a nose nuzzling my ass.
"And what do you think you're doing?"
The only answer I get is a soft "woof" and more nuzzling. Then I feel the scrape of teeth against me and my underwear's being pulled down.
"Oh I see. Well, all right then. I guess I can indulge you this once."
A lick to a cheek and he burrows his face between them, licking eagerly and I groan.
"Oh good puppy. Keep going."
He pulls back before licking around my hole, dipping the tip of his tongue inside.
I shift on the bed, gently nudging him off to take hold of my hard cock, running my finger along the tip and then urging him back on.
"It's okay, puppy, I just had to take care of something. Go back to what you were doing."
He looks down and a thin line of drool ekes its way out of his mouth, falling onto my hole. And he sighs happily, licking in strong solid strokes inside me and I moan in pleasure.
I stroke myself in time to his own, the sensations driving me mad until finally my vision goes white and I come, sending spurts of come over my hand and I whistle.
"C'mere boy. Come clean me up."
His tongue snakes over my fingers, getting between the fingers, slurping eagerly.
I shiver, shoving him gently off. "All right, all right I'm all clean. C'mere and cuddle."
He grins, woofing as he burrows into my side, licking my face.
"Love you too, pup."


Aug. 30th, 2011 09:29 pm
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One of my best friends in this town [and the only one that would manage to get me out of the house on a regular basis] left for texas yesterday. She's not coming back here anytime soon.

To say i'm not handling it well is an understatement.
I spent all of yesterday breaking down into tears and I can feel them coming back.

And it's coupled with really bad homesickness and school issues and basically i've been a big ball of sadness.
but it's nice to feel stuff again i guess


Aug. 5th, 2011 12:49 pm
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So last week, i had the house to myself [miss it a little bit yes] that Tuesday night the boy came over and spent the night and, well, let's just say that I do amazing things with my tongue. And that everything about him tastes wonderful. ;)

[We also had this exchange:
"Like what you see?"
the boy "Yeah but I like who I see more."]

The name change is 9/10ths of the way done! Just waiting on the judge to sign it then mail it to me [1-2 weeks so either this week or next week]. :D

[Also in the vein of 'adorable shit he says to me':
"but I wanna take you out somewhere sometime~"


Aug. 1st, 2011 12:41 am
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Contains: D/s, teasing, orgasm control, anal play: fingering/rimming,

He leans against me and I can feel a hot puff of breath against my skin and I whine.
He lets out a low throaty chuckle, pressing a kiss to the small of my back, dipping the tip of his tongue into my crack and I arch my hips.
"SirSirSir, please please please." I beg, words devolving into whimpers.
He hums, amused, and nips at a cheek and I gasp. "Such a noisy puppy."
I nod eagerly, twisting my neck around to glance at him. "Yes Sir, sorry Sir."
He hmmms, patting my thigh. "No need to apologize, puppy. Your Master likes it when his puppy's all noisy."
I can feel his hard cock pressing into my leg and I grin. "I can tell, Sir."
A laugh and he pulls me into his lap, pressing my face against his crotch.
I mouth at the bulge immediately, getting his pants wet with spit and he laughs again, tugging my head up.
"Eager little slut, aren't you? Well, my little slut's going to have wait. I feel like taking things slow tonight."
I let out a low whine and nudge at his leg. "Sir."
He pushes me gently off him and dips down, licking a long stripe up my body, making a stop to nibble at a cheek, pressing a soft kiss to it and I squirm underneath him.
Another nibble and I whine low in my throat the sensation of teeth maddening.
He chuckles, warm breath puffing across my skin and he licks me again, dipping deeper down into my hole, letting out a groan himself.
"Mmm, you taste so good, puppy. Gonna lick you all over, gonna turn you over and bury my face against your chest."
"Yes yes yes," I mumble into the couch, twisting my head around to look at him, my tongue lolling out eagerly.
He laughs. "Such an eager little slut aren't you?" he asks, pulling away, a thin line of drool running down his chin. "An eager wonderful slutpuppy."
I nod. "Uh-huh. Yes Sir!" I answer, pressing back against him.
He dives back in, running his tongue along my slick walls and I whine, his hands holding my hips down.
"Such a needy thing."
He pulls out, pressing a soft kiss to the small of my back.
"My needy puppy." A pause. "Mmm, you gonna tell your Master what you need, puppy?"
I let out a whimper. "Y-yes Sir. I-I need you to-"
"To what, puppy?"
The words come out in a rush. "F-fuck me please Sir."
He laughs, digging his fingertips into my hips. "Not yet, puppy."
I whine, arching against his touch and he pulls back, trailing kisses along my thighs.
He hums happily, kneeling between my legs and gliding his tongue over my hole.
"Silly," he mumbles against my skin. "Sweet puppy," he continues, pressing more kisses against my back, his heavy warm body leaning over mine and I groan as his erection drips precome onto my back.
He nips and sucks at my neck, continuing to mutter against my skin. "Gonna mark you puppy, show the whole fucking world you're mine, let them see who you belong to, let them see your Master's mark."
I let out a moan as he bites down on my skin and sucks hard. "Yours yours yours, all yours," I babble, hands scrabbling against the couch. "Please please Sir Sir please!"
"Want do you want, puppy?"
I pause, feeling his hot hard cock pressing against me. "Can can I suck you, Sir?"
He chuckles and grins against my skin, lifting up from my bruised neck. "Oh, my puppy wants his mouth full, does he?"
I nod eagerly. "Yes Sir!"
He nods as well, leaning up and flopping back onto the couch, his erection standing tall and leaking a few more drops of precome onto the couch. "Come on then puppy. Have at it."
I dive onto his cock, licking and slurping at his sweaty thighs. He quivers under me, grabbing a handful of hair and yanking me closer to his engorged erection.
I suck on the tip, running my tongue around his warm skin before easing just a little bit more onto my mouth.
He shivers, his hand sliding down to my shoulder and squeezing it hard. "P-puppy, oh puppy you're so good at sucking my cock. Such a good little cockslut. Taking more of me into his mouth. And he just loves how I taste, doesn't he?"
I nod around him, drool dripping down my chin as I slide even more of him into my mouth, bobbing up and down on his hard shaft.
He rocks his hips against me, his hand still fisted in my hair. "Such a good boy, such a good good boy, sucking my hard thick cock like the little cock-hungry slut that you are. And when I come he's going to drink all of it, isn't he?"
Another quick rock of his hips and I nod again, my tongue sliding around his length, running over veins, the organ pulsing in my mouth and I hum around him.
He jerks up, his toes curling and I can feel him stiffen and then hot salty come fills my mouth, thin lines dribbling out the sides and I swallow greedily, sucking every last drop out of him before he pulls me off shakily.
"Good puppy," he whispers, ruffling my hair and sliding a hand down to my throbbing wet slit and he slips a finger in.
"And now my puppy gets a treat since he was so patient."
I let out a squeak as I feel his finger easily slip in and then he shoves me onto my back, adding anther finger and thrusting lightly.
"Mmm, my good puppyboy likes this, doesn't he? He's all wet and soaked and swollen. In fact he's so wet that I can just slide my fingers in and out without needing anything else."
I moan and my hips arch up as he continues thrusting into me until I let out a low whine and come, gushing all over his fingers.
He pulls out his come-soaked fingers and grins, popping them into his mouth.
"Good boy."


Jul. 25th, 2011 02:25 am
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have the house to myself this week.

+a dog
+possibly the boy for a bit. :D :D


Jul. 20th, 2011 02:01 am
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Contains: D/s, branding: ear tattoos, stream-of-consciousness

My Sir is a good Master. He buys me presents and calls me a "good boy" and I've been a very good boy, yes I have and he ruffles my hair and pets me and curls his fingers around my hips and digs in. And it feels good so good and I've "been such a good boy" his voice wraps around my body, low and whispery and my toes curl already as he continues "such a good boy, down on his knees, my hard cock in his warm wet mouth, and such a very good boy deserves a very special treat".
My ears perk up and I watch him, head tilted as his hand strokes my cheek, threading his fingers through my collar and tugging me "up up up now, puppy, good boy now stay there" and I listen because I'm a very good boy and very good boys get presents like getting to sleep with Sir instead of between his legs, not that I don't like sleeping between Sir's legs I lovelovelove it, or like getting to go out with a toy between my cheeks, each touch of Sir's hands sending a jolt through my spine.
I gasp when I feel Sir's fingers squeezing my earlobe and I let out a "hrm" of confusion and Sir chuckles, gently stroking my earlobe, "gonna mark you more, puppy, gotta make sure people know you're mine nothing too big don't worry your adorable fluffy head about that just something if you're lost-" and good boys aren't supposed to interrupt but I'd never get lost Sir never ever ever Sir never I'm a good boy Sir and good boys don't stray from their Masters especially not when they're as wonderful as you Sir and he laughs.
"I know, puppy, I know you're a good boy, this is just in case your collar ever comes off-" but my collar's never gonna come off Sir you gave it to me and I love you Sir and my collar is your collar and I'm never ever gonna take it off."-I love you too puppy, now hold still."
And I do hold still, so still I'm vibrating and I yelp when the first prick lands on my earlobe and again and again in a steady rhythm and I keen low in my throat the pain sending bright flashes against my eyes and far far above me I can hear Sir chuckle and he squeezes my shoulder "good good boy, you're doing so well" he murmurs, pressing a kiss to my forehead "almost done just a little bit left there we go, puppy there we go all done good boy good boy come here come here let me see" and his arms open and I come crashing down, pressing into his chest the pain sliding down to real pain now and I whine and chew at his shirt, twisting my head around. "you wanna see it, puppy?" he asks, one warm finger stroking my neck and I nod eagerly and he pulls me close to him and drags us both to he mirror and there, brushing my hair away from my ear, and there glistening on my earlobe is a shiny black 'x'.


Jun. 5th, 2011 09:51 am
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Contains: D/s, dirty talk, begging, orgasm control, toys
My tongue lolls out of my mouth and I sit on the couch, legs tucked under me.
His arm rests against my shoulders, winding in my hair.
"Hmm, my puppy keeps squirming. Is he getting turned on?"
I blush and nod, my hands wandering towards my crotch, fumbling with the button.
"Yes, Sir."
He glances down and swats my hand. "Ah ah puppy. No touching."
I let out a low whine and squirm even more. "Please, Sir?"
A chuckle and he takes one of my hands in his own, running his thumb over my palm. "Don't think so, puppy."
Another whine and my other hand slides down anyway, desperately trying to relieve some tension.
He hums, another swat leaving my hand stinging, and pulls both of my hands into his. "I believe I said no touching, didn't I?"
I whine, low in my throat. "Y-yes Sir, you did."
"I should just describe what I was going to do you if you hadn't been a bad boy. In fact, I think I will," he murmurs, tugging me into his lap, my hands held above my head.
"Really Sir? Y-you don't have to."
He chuckles warmly, running a hand down my thigh. "Oh but I do. Nobody likes an undisciplined puppy. Especially not his Master."
A whimper escapes my mouth and I press against his hand, trying in vain to get it to slide down between my legs.
He pinches my thigh and tugs on my hair. "Tsk tsk, puppy. Just for that I'm going to start with slowly pulling off your pants, pressing my hand against your hips
"Then I'm going to slide my hand down to your soaked wet briefs."
I let out a low noise and arch my hips desperately. "Sir..."
Another warm soft chuckle. "What's a matter, puppy? Getting all wet and dripping?
"Gonna slide my hands down to your musky warm slit and trail my fingers along it, getting them all wet. Press a soft kiss to your cheek, my sweet naughty puppy, and make you beg me for more." He pauses, carding his hands through my hair. "And you would, wouldn't you, puppy?"
"I would, Sir."
He glances at me and snaps his fingers. "Well, puppy, I'm waiting."
I squirm in his lap, pressing my face against his shoulder.
"Please, Sir?"
"Mmm, please what, you filthy thing?"
"P-please Sir, f-fuck me please?" The words come out in a rush and I tremble in anticipation.
He presses a quick kiss to my lips and smiles, pulling out a bright blue dildo. "Since you asked so nicely, puppy, I figured you deserved a treat."
My ears perk up and I grin back at him. "I get a treat, Sir?"
"Mmmhmm. On your back, puppy."
I sprawl onto my back, lifting my head up to look at him. "Should I get myself warmed up, Sir?"
He hums, squirting a dollop of lube onto his fingers and gliding them across my taint. "Nope. I told you no touching yourself and that includes warming yourself up. Of course you didn't listen so really, I shouldn't be giving you a treat at all."
I let out a whimper and arch into his touch. "Mmf, Sir."
A chuckle and he strokes my thigh. "I'll just make you beg for it then. Mmm, my naughty puppy begging his Master to touch him, sprawled on his back, hips arching up desperately, little whines escaping his sweet fuckable mouth. And you know what I'd do to you, puppy?"
Another whimper escapes my mouth as I listen to him. "Y-you'd fuck me, Sir?"
He ruffles my hair, grinning. "Good boy. I'd start out slow, sliding just the tips of my fingers in-" He pauses and I can feel a cold wetness slithering up my taint. "-And I'd watch as your greedy hole clenches around them and then I'd pull them out. Slide them all the way in, pressing against your needy walls and listen to your noises as I flex inside you."
His fingers slide into my ass and I buck my hips against him, little whimpers flying out of my mouth. "Nnn, Sir, please."
He hmms, gently swatting my thigh. "Such a greedy puppy I have-" His fingers slide out in out and I let out a low keening noise. "And he's my puppy, my soft supple puppy and only his Master knows what his puppy needs." His fingers trail over my sweat-soaked skin and I whine. He smirks, straddling me and cupping my face in his hands, fingertips skimming my collar.
A quick hum and he presses his lips to mine, slipping his tongue inside and I let out a soft groan, arching up into him. "Sir Sir Sir, please."
"Mmm, what does my slut puppy want? Does he want his Master to kiss him, to bite him until he squirms? Or would he rather I fuck him, feel my hard cock pounding into his tight ass again and again until he can't take it anymore and begs me to let him come?" He growls, spreading my legs with a hand and he pushes the dildo into me and he bites at my shoulder.
"Mine mine mine," he sing-songs, punctuating each word with a nip to my skin and a tug of my collar.
"Yours yours yours," I murmur back, hands digging into his shoulders. "All yours only yours."
"Mmm, yes you are," he mutters, pulling the toy out then shoving it back in quick and then again and my toes curl and I let out a moan.
"Please, Sir, can I?"
"You wanna come, puppy? Want to coat your Master in sticky warm puppycome?"
"Oh, yes Sir, I do I do, please!"
"Hmm, you know, i don't know if I should let you come. You haven't been a very good boy today. I should just leave you like this, all whimpering and pleading and flushed and sexy." He purrs, stroking my chest and playing with my hair. "You look so good like this, puppy. All sprawled out and panting and fuckable." He ducks his head and licks a nipple, sucking it into his mouth and I yelp, arching off the couch. He rolls it around in his mouth and I groan outright, knowing I'm leaving little half-moons on his broad back and not caring.
He chuckles, pulling off and latching onto the other one and I come, tears springing to my eyes at the intensity and he glances down as a warm sticky wetness coats his hand.
A smile and he presses a soft kiss to my collar, smearing the come on my stomach, writing his name with it on my skin.
"Just couldn't take it anymore, could you puppy?"
I blush, my face heating up and I shake my head. "N-no Sir. Sorry Sir."
"No need to apologize. Puppies can't control themselves around their Masters. Especially not my puppy."


May. 9th, 2011 07:38 pm
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Contains: D/s, watersports, aftercare, subspace, overstimulation, toys, begging stream-of-conscious

He's warm, hand pressing down against the nape of my neck, fingers knotted in my collar and I press against his thigh hungrily. His other hand fumbles with his fly, unzipping it and freeing his warm heavy cock from his boxers. He shoves the hot head against my lips and mumbles.
"You know what to do, puppy. Open."
My mouth opens automatically and bittersweet hot urine floods my mouth and I whine ecstatically, swallowing.
His hand runs through my hair, winding the strands around his fingers as I suck greedily at his cock, feeling it start to harden.
"Just a slut, aren't you? Eager to have your Master's hard cock in your greedy holes?" And his hand jerks my head back, making me look up at him and I nod, his cock slipping out of my mouth and I whimper, a thin line of drool cascading down my chin.
"Or at least eager for something to fill those needy holes?"
I tilt my head, sending a bright arch of pain through as he tightens his hold on my hair, and let out a little confused hrmm.
A bright blue plug dances in front of my vision and I nod enthusiastically, arching my back desperately.
"Beg, puppy. Show me how much you want it."
I press back against his hand, words falling from my mouth. "Need it Sir, I do, I want it Sir so much Sir please."
"Hmm, I don't think so, puppy. Doesn't sound like you want it enough."
I whine, trying in vain to back up against him. "Please Sir. Want it in me, need it in me, please." The last word devolves into a sob as I arch against him.
He smiles. "Good boy."
He reaches over and soon I feel a wet cold presence at my hole and then his fingertip slips in and I let out a yelp.
"Easy, puppy, easy," he murmurs, twisting inside me and I whimper, moving into him.
"More, Sir more please."
He chuckles, adding another finger and sliding them around.
Another whimper and I press back onto his fingers, grinding against them.
"You ready, puppy?" he says, a hand curling in my hair, tugging gently.
"Yes yes Sir yes, please!"
He grins, sliding the plug in and I let out an ecstatic whine, wiggling around he pushes it in deeper then pulls it out agonizingly slow.
Then again as he eases it in then out, one hand keeping up a steady slow rhythm, the other stroking my hair.
"Such a greedy puppy, aren't you? Just love having your holes filled. Though your Master's only filled one, hasn't he? Bet you want him to fill the others, don't you?"
I nod eagerly, my mouth wide open. "Uh-huh, I do!"
He chuckles, nudging me to my knees and I whimper a bit as the action drives the plug deeper inside.
"Ready, puppy?"
My mouth's open before he finishes speaking and I'm mouthing at his thighs, briefly nuzzling the wiry hairs before moving down to the shaft.
He shudders and groans, pressing me against his warm flushed skin.
"G-good puppy," he murmurs, one hand grazing my shoulders. "Such a good puppy."
I slide the tip into my mouth, closing my eyes in pleasure as his taste floods my tongue and sucking gently on the head.
He digs a hand into my shoulder and moans.
I grin at him despite my full mouth and bulging cheeks and slowly slide more of him into my mouth.
He bucks into my mouth, hand yanking my hair and his cock pulses. And I let out a low moan as he spurts into my mouth, hot warm come leaking into my mouth and I swallow as much as I can, a thin rivulet rolling down my chin.
He reaches down and shakily smears the remaining come over my lips, his other hand slowly slipping his soft cock out of my mouth.
"Wanna cover you in my come, puppy."
I shiver, letting out a low whine and arching myself desperately against his knees.
He chuckles, glancing at me. "Puppy wants to come huh? Well he knows what to do." I groan, rutting against his leg, the slick flesh getting his skin all slippery and creating glorious wonderful friction and I slide faster and faster until I'm coming all over his leg, little lines dripping down and getting the sheets all wet.
I slump against him, a thin shiver running through my body and he pulls me against him, wiping his leg off with a sheet.
"Shh, puppy, you were so good today, such a good boy, let's get you cleaned up," he murmurs, stroking my hair as he reaches around for the box of wipes. "There we go, all nice and clean. It's been a while, hasn't it?"
"Y-yes Sir, it has been. Sorry Si-" He presses a finger to my lips and interrupts.
"Ah ah puppy. I've told you before, you don't ever have to apologize for that. Come on, let's snuggle," he says, pulling against his chest and pressing a soft kiss to my lips.


Apr. 30th, 2011 05:17 pm
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Contains: D/s, anal play, ballgags, toys, exhibitionism, spanking
He shoves me down onto the bed, mouth roaming my skin leaving hot wet kisses against my skin and I whine.
"Sir," I gasp out, his hands pressing against my skin and my plea turns into a whimper.
He growls, a warm hand splayed against my mouth and his other hand pulls out a scarf, tying it swiftly around my face, the knot large and smooth in my mouth.
"Be quiet; I'm working right now."
I nod, face flush under the gag and mumble out a "Sorry, Sir."
"On the bed," he orders, turning off the microphone for a second. I scramble onto the bed, my feet dangling off the edge, and I wait.
"Check the box under the bed, puppy. And I don't want to hear a sound," he finishes, turning his back to me and putting on his headphones.
I nod again, the sound of my breathing just barely audible to my ears and I fumble under the bed, pulling out our box and noticing the slip of paper on top.
"My laptop camera's on. Give me a show, puppy."
I smile behind the knot and slowly start taking off my shirt, tossing it to the side and pulling my pants down to my hips, acutely aware of my hands on my body, pressing down against my hipbones. I shudder and glance towards him, watching his back, and let out a soft soft sigh.
My pants and underwear are off completely now, tossed in a heap near the headboard and I return to rummaging in the box, his letter placed delicately on top of my clothing pile. I pull out a small thick plug, a rubber band around it holding another note in place. Slowly pulling off the band, I read this new note:
"I expect you to use this, puppy. And leave it in."
Sending another longing glance towards his back and I straddle the bed, smearing lube on my fingers and I slide the first one in, my gasp muffled by the scarf.
I watch him pull off a headphone and turn ever so slightly around. And I tremble in anticipation.
"Come here, puppy." His voice is calm and I shiver, obediently sliding over, fingers slick and sticky.
"On your knees, ass up. Now."
I obey, still trembling a little and I let out a muffled yelp as the first smack comes down hard on my ass.
"Told you to be quiet, didn't I puppy?" he says, still using that calm voice, and punctuating the question with another firm smack.
I nod and he lets out a low snarl, a hand fisting in my hair and jerking my head up. Pain blossoms and I bite my lip hard to keep myself from moaning.
"Didn't I?"
"Y-yes Sir, m sorry Sir," I mumble out from under the gag.
"You should be. Now get." One last hard smack and he shoves me away from him, putting his headphones back on and turning around.
I scramble to the plug, relubing my fingers and crack, and, keeping an eye on his broad back, slowly slide my fingers in, biting my lip hard enough to bruise. Letting out a shuddery muffled gasp, I add another finger, stretching myself further until I can take another finger, and by then I'm thrusting against them lost in that sensation of fullness, still biting my lip.
A snap makes my eyes fly open and he's watching me, his legs spread, a hand between them, little breathy moans escaping his mouth, headphones around his neck.
I shiver, feeling his eyes on me and slowly start to slide my fingers out, a little muffled whimper coming out of my lips, and I scramble over to the plug, smearing it with as much lube as I can. It slides in easy and I can still hear him, his moaning finally reaching a crescendo and there's a gasp and he's ragged whispering to me.
"Come here, puppy."
It's a little awkward, crawling to him, every movement jostling the plug but I manage, sucking his come-soaked fingers into my mouth greedily, his other hand stroking my hair.
"Good boy," he murmurs, kissing my forehead lovingly. "I got everything done so you can speak now."
"Th-thank you Sir," I gasp out, voice hoarse and harsh.
"And you get a treat, even though your Master had to punish you because you didn't stay quiet. But thankfully your little outburst didn't ruin anything."
He hums contentedly, easing me onto my knees and I feel his finger slide against my wet dripping slit and I let out a low groan, pressing closer to his finger, desperately trying to ease more of him inside me.
He chuckles, his other hand ruffling my hair and moving down to grip at my shoulder, easing his finger all the way inside and adding another easily.
The sensation's almost too much to bear and I whine, thrusting against him until finally I come, gushing a torrent of sweet sticky come against his fingers and he laughs, pulling his drenched fingers out and slipping them into my mouth.
"Such a messy puppy," he murmurs as I greedily suck at his fingers, my eyes closed and I can feel him pull his now-clean fingers out of my mouth and then he pulls me into his lap, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead.


Apr. 28th, 2011 10:43 pm
agent_squeaks: (sap)
Contains: D/s, bondage: being tied down, role reversal, teasing, anal play: riding

"And just what are you planning to do to me, puppy?" he asks, grinning up at me from the bed.
I pause, running a hand along his chest. "I dunno yet. Tying you up is really more for your safety."
He laughs, gesturing for me to come closer and I do, burrowing up against his hand. "Silly thing," he murmurs, stroking my hair. "Well, I suppose I'm at your mercy now."
"Yep!" I grin at him, moving out of his range and down by his feet.
He cranes his neck, watching me. "Puppy...."
I hum, starting to gently lap at his feet, gliding my tongue along his toes and he lets out a gasp.
I lift my head, still grinning and nuzzle at his thigh, his cock already hard.
"Someone's eager, I see," I say against his skin, relishing how he twitches against me.
"Oh yes," he gasps out, arching his hips up desperately.
A small amused noise comes out of my mouth as I pin his hips down, slowly agonizingly licking his hard cock.
"Mmm, Sir, you taste so good," I mumble against him, swirling my tongue around the shaft.
And he lets out a noise, gasping and groaning. "Puppy, please..."
I snicker, still licking at his shaft before pulling off and burying my face against his thigh, nuzzling against the wiry hairs. Moving up towards his chest, I keep licking, enjoying the taste of him.
He whimpers, squirming against his bonds.
Another hum and I fit the tip in my mouth, idly sucking on it before pulling off and he lets out a low moan.
"Enjoying the teasing, Sir?"
"N-not really, puppy."
"Want me to stop?"
"N-no," he gasps out, blindly reaching for me despite the restraints. I press against him, his cheeks flush and a few beads of sweat rolling down his forehead.
I keep moving up, dipping my tongue into his bellybutton and slurping at the soft skin. He groans again, squirming against his bonds.
"Oh puppy, that tickles."
"Good," I answer, sliding back down to his hard dripping cock and taking the tip in my mouth. I suck on his hard length eagerly and he moans loudly. "Does that tickle?" I mumble around him, grinning.
He laughs, rubbing my leg with a bound foot. "No, that doesn't tickle. I want more of that feeling."
I pull back. "Gee, you do huh?
"I guess I could give you more of that." With that said I plunge down on his hard cock, letting the head hit the back of my throat and I swallow, drool running down and soaking the sheets.
"Yes yes yes, good boy such a good boy," he babbles as I continue sucking him before pulling off again, his cock shiny with spit.
He cranes his neck up. "Whatcha doing, puppy?"
"Gonna borrow your cock," I answer, sliding a lubed-up finger into my hole
and heading closer to his cock, straddling him and slowly sliding down onto him.
"Oh-" His voice devolves into a moan as I fill myself up with his hard cock.
I grin at him from my perch and lean forward a little to press a kiss to his chest. Moving back and forth, I let out a moan of my own, the friction driving me mad. His hips try to buck against me, finally shuddering and grunting as my ass fills with hot come and I slide off slowly.
I crawl over to him and straddle his chest, running my fingertips around his nipples. He swats my hands away. "Ah ah puppy. Not there."
I hum contentedly. "Sorry Sir. Is this better?" I ask, dipping my fingers against my wet dripping slit and smearing it on his lips. He sucks my fingers into his mouth, suckling on them with a grin on his face and I shiver, gushing against his chest. I slide off, falling against the sheets and scrabbling towards his wrists. "Let me untie you, Sir."


Apr. 24th, 2011 10:42 pm
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Contains: groping, disgustingly cute kiss scene, handjobs

"So, since I made it, there's something I've wanted to do for a while now," I murmur into his ear, cheeks flushed and palms sweaty.
"Yeah?" he whispers, arms loose around my shoulders.
And I lean in, our breath mingling the heat of his hands against my upper back warm and heavy and I press him against the pantry door, kissing him lightly and his hands slide down to my ass, cupping the soft flesh and giving a rough squeeze.
"Yeah," I whisper back, my tongue touching his lips and I watch in awe as they part and he smiles and tilts his head down a little.
"You gonna keep going, puppy?" he teases, nuzzling my nose with his own.
I hum in contentment, pressing even more against him and my tongue slips past his lips and he makes a noise of amusement.
His hands are kneading my ass now as my tongue explores his mouth, my own hands holding him against the door.
He lets out a low groan, sliding his own tongue into my mouth and I squeak. "My puppy. My precious puppy."
My tongue keeps exploring until I pull away from his mouth and duck down to his neck, hovering over the soft skin and I glance up at him.
He mmfs in surprise when I pull away and grins when I glance up at him. "Go on," he murmurs, breath coming in little pants against my skin and I nip softly at his neck, relishing the soft skin. And I've got him splayed out underneath me, hands digging into my thighs and as he presses me more against him and I can feel a distinct bulge in his pants and I smirk.
"Enjoying this?"
He nods, holding my hand against his bulge and I can feel it throb against my touch. My fingers fumble with his zipper, finally managing to get it down and I slide my hand into his jeans, hit with a rush of warmth.
"That's it that's it. G-good boy," he gasps as I take his hard throbbing cock in my hand, fingers roaming the thick shaft.
"Mm, you're heavy," I murmur, gently gliding my precome-slick fingers around his cock and he thrusts into my hand, a low moan escaping his mouth. "And hard."
He shudders under my touch and I smile, gently squeezing him.
"P-puppy," he groans shakily, little whimpers escaping his mouth.
"Yes?" I ask, pulling my hand off his cock.
He whines, thrusting into the empty space. "P-put your hand back, please?"
I do, eagerly running my saliva-slick hand around his cock and he moans softly, pressing himself against me.
"Nnn, puppy," he gasps out, coating my hand and his underwear with warm sticky come and he blushes deeply.
I pull my hand out, gobs of white come covering my hand, and pop a finger into my mouth, lewdly sucking on the digit. "Mmm, I don't mind. Besides, you taste amazing."


Apr. 16th, 2011 01:35 am
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Contains: D/s, cyber sex, dialogue heavy

His voice floats out from my speakers.
"I know you're the only one watching, puppy."
My fingers fly on the keyboard. Really?
"Yep. What are you up to?"
I blush even though I'm pretty sure he can't see me. I was just jacking off.
He laughs. "Well then. Naughty puppy, I've got, hmm? What are you thinking about?"
"Me? And what am I doing to you?"
I swallow, face burning red and I continue typing. You're fucking me-
He interrupts and I blush even more, burrowing my head into my shoulder as my words fall from his lips. "I'm just fucking you? You're not tied down and completely at my mercy?"
N-not yet. So anyway, you're fucking me and it's slow and you're biting down on my shoulder-
"And whispering into your ear that you're mine, right?"
He continues."And then my hands are all over you, right? Swiftly tying your hands to the bedposts, running down your warm flush skin?"
Y-yeah. And I'm squirming against my bonds as you touch me, my skin warm and you lick a stripe up my stomach, dipping into my navel with relish.
"Mmm, you know my buttons well, puppy. My tongue swirls around a bit before pulling out and licking its way to your chest and I take a nipple in my mouth, lightly sucking on it."
I can barely contain the whimper that escapes my mouth as he speaks. I let out a wanton moan as you suck on a nipple, pressing my hand against the back of your head and stroking your hair.
He groans aloud and I smile as he continues. "I pull back and start to lightly suck on the other nipple before abruptly leaving and lavishing my tongue onto your neck, nipping and sucking and biting at the soft skin there, desperate to leave a mark."
I whine as his voice flies out from the speakers and hurriedly type out a response. I groan, arching my neck as you suck and nibble, my briefs becoming uncomfortably damp.
A soft moan and he continues, panting a little. "Your scent engulfs my nostrils and I grin, trailing a hand down to your wet briefs and dipping a finger in, relishing the warmth. Such a wet puppy you are."
I nod and arch my hips when I feel you dip a finger in and my legs spread eagerly. I'm panting now, breath coming soft and shallow, my hips jerking restlessly.
"I chuckle softly as I watch you spread your legs like the little slut that you are and I tug down your briefs, trailing a hand along the soft expanse of damp fuzz."
I let out a soft moan and press your hand closer to my wet dripping slit, sliding a finger of yours inside to join with my own and I clench around them.
I can hear him swallow and the creak of his desk chair as he shifts in his seat, and I can picture him there, legs spread, one hand at his keyboard, the other hurriedly pulling out his swollen dripping cock.
He lets out a breathy high-pitched whine. "Nnnrgh, puppy. My finger slides easily into your warm wet slit and I crook it against your needy walls, aiming for that sweet special spot."
Another groan escapes my mouth and I slide my hand down my pants, shoving my underwear off and coating my crack in warm wet lube. I moan as you twist your finger inside me, my hips arching up in pleasure and I beg you to go faster, Sir, harder please please please.
A gasp crackles out of my speakers. "Y-yes, good boy, such a good boy you are, begging your Master to fuck you harder and faster, yes. And he will too, because you're such a good boy, all splayed out and pleading." He swallows again and I can hear fabric rustling.
You pull our entwined fingers out, both of them dripping with fluid and smear them onto my lips, my tongue darting out to suck yours into my mouth. I'm rocking in my chair now, hips thrusting into the empty air and I keen.
Lewd moans and whines fly out of my speakers as he adds. "I pull my fingers out of your dripping wet slit and slide then against your crack."
I buck against you as I feel your fingers grazing my crack and I back into them, pushing them in as quick as they'll go.
Another low whine escapes my mouth as I listen to him groan and gasp on the other end. "M-my fingers slip in easy and I start to thrust into your tight ass and you feel so good puppy so snug and wet and warm and you're su-such a good boy."
I groan again, senselessly rocking against the couch cushion, my toes curling and I shiver, sending a gush of warm sticky fluid onto the cushion.
Your thrusting is just enough to send your poor puppy over the edge, coating your other hand in fluid and he lets out a shaky moan, slumping forward.
(And what about you?)

He lets out a final gasp and I can picture him in his desk chair, his hot heavy balls seizing up and globs of sticky warm come coating his hand. "Nnrgh, puppy. I-I'm good. Gotta clean up though."
I snicker, my tongue lolling out of my mouth and a thin line of drool running down my chin. You're all sticky too, huh?
"Mmmhmm. G'night puppy. Love you."
"Love you too."


Apr. 13th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Contains: D/s, teasing, orgasm control, begging, bondage:being tied down, fingering

His hands are warm against my skin and I let out a whimper.
"Sir, Sir please please."
"Please what, puppy?" he says, fingertips gliding over my skin. "You said you wanted me to touch you."
"N-not like that. I-I want you to touch me."
He smirks, straddling me and pressing a kiss to my stomach. "Oh-ho, puppy's feeling a little naughty tonight, isn't he?"
I whine in response, thrusting my hips up desperately and he laughs.
"He is. Mmm, such a needy thing, aren't you?"
"Y-yes Sir," I say, groaning as he thrusts his hips down against me and I let out a low moan.
"You want me to touch you?" he murmurs, pressing against my damp briefs and I whine deep in my throat. "No, you need me to touch you don't you? Need to feel your Master touching you, don't you?"
"Yes," I whisper, straining against my bonds and he laughs, petting my thigh and sliding my briefs down my legs, leaving them pooled at my ankles.
"Such a good boy," he whispers back against my skin, his fingers stroking through the wiry hair on my stomach. "Such a very good boy and he's all mine. Mine to play with-" He pauses, pressing kisses along my hips and I whimper when I can feel a glance of warm wet tongue along my skin. "-mine to tease-"Another pause and his fingers wander down, lightly touching my moist dripping slit and I buck my hips in response. "-mine to fuck-" The tips of his fingers slide in easily and I moan, rocking as best as I can on them, trying in vain to get some friction. "-and mine to love." His fingers venture deeper and I let out a whimper, squeezing around his fingers and he moves them around the sensation too much to bear and my toes curl.
"Ah ah, puppy. Not until I say you can."
"Sir!"I strain against my bonds, squirming and whimpering. "Please, Sir, please!"
He laughs, stroking my thigh fondly. "Please what puppy?"
"Please Sir, can I-" My plea gets choked off as he pulls his fingers out and then plunges them back into my dripping slit.
"Yes, go ahead."
I let out a low moan as I gush all over his fingers, soaking them with sticky warm fluid and he slides them out easily and smears them over my stomach.
"Messy puppy, aren't you? My messy puppy."


Apr. 12th, 2011 08:56 pm
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Contains: D/s, dirty talk, light bondage, verbal humiliation

Oh and a rough blowjob )


Apr. 11th, 2011 10:27 pm
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Contains: D/s, salophilia, drawn out descriptions of sweaty skin

I sprawl against him on the couch and whine. "It's hot, Sir."
He chuckles, ruffling my hair and nodding. "You're right it is, puppy. And what do you expect me to do about it?"
I hmph, pouting a little and nudging his stomach. "I was just sayin'."
"Whining more like it, puppy."
Another hmph and I fumble with his shirt buttons. "Wasn't whining, Sir."
He glances down and smiles. "And what are you doing now?"
"Trying to undo your buttons. You're real warm, Sir."
"You just like seeing me with my shirt off."
"That too," I mumble into his skin and a thin line of drool escapes my mouth.
He groans, wiping the drool off onto my shoulder, and laughs. "Oh, puppy likes what he sees, hmm? Well then."
He sprawls out all the way, nudging me off him as he slides his pants down his legs, lying in just his underwear, sweat gleaming off his entire body. "You could be a good boy and help me cool off."
I nod eagerly, my tongue lapping at the salty beads of liquid on his skin, slowly licking a path up to his thighs and I pause. "Sir?" I venture, my face buried between his legs.
"Yes, puppy?"
"Spread your legs a little more, please."
He does, an amused smile crossing his face as he watches me lap at the shiny skin on his thighs, the salty liquid hitting my tongue and I let out a soft moan.
"Silly thing," he murmurs, kissing the top of my head.
I mumble something back against his skin, too distracted by the silk taste of his sweat and the sheen on his body, wiry hairs hiding sweet treasures and I pull back reluctantly, a thin bronze hair stuck in my teeth.
A quick tug later and I dive back in, warm sweat gliding over my lips and I work my way up to his stomach, lapping at the trail of fuzz then to his chest, gently flicking my tongue against a nipple and I giggle when he lets out a gasp.
"Mmf. Careful there, puppy."
I ignore him as trace a line of sweat around his other nipple, the scent of him becoming almost too much to bear as I lick at his clavicles. I finally end with a slurp of his face, his beard tickling my tongue and he groans, laughing and gently shoving me off him.
"Ugh, now I'm all covered in puppyspit."
I giggle again, licking the tip of his nose. "Just marking my territory, Sir."

Open Up

Apr. 9th, 2011 12:13 am
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Contains: D/s, foodplay: forcefeeding

I press my face against his thigh and let out a whine.
He glances down and smiles, fingers playing idly with my hair. "You want a bite of calzone, puppy?"
I nod eagerly, looking up at him.
"Such a spoiled puppy you know that?" he murmurs, tugging me close against him and ripping off a corner piece. "Here you go, a nice yummy piece of calzone for my spoiled sweet puppy."
I sniff at it, recoiling a bit at the sharp scent of hot peppers and whine a little more.
He laughs, waving it in front of my nose. "Oh, puppy doesn't want a piece with any hots on it, does he? Well, too bad then."
A whimper escapes my mouth and I squeeze my lips together, watching the piece of calzone get even closer to me.
"Open your mouth, puppy."
I shake my head.
He pauses, smirking. "That wasn't a question. Open."
Another shake and I watch as his hand snakes out and a finger lightly strokes my jaw. "You want to be a good boy for your Master, don't you?"
I lean eagerly into his touch and nod, reluctantly opening my mouth just a sliver.
"Mmm, good boy," he says, sliding a piece of calzone into my mouth and pressing against my chin to close it.
I whimper once he places it in my mouth, the hot juices spilling out over my tongue and my eyes water. I chew it as quickly as possible, hurriedly swallowing and lick my lips.
"Ah ah, puppy. I saw how fast you ate that. Savor the next piece," he orders, holding my chin and sliding another piece of calzone in, the hot peppers bursting in my mouth and I let out a low whimper.
"Burns, Sir," I gasp out, blinking rapidly, a few beads of sweat rolling down my face.
"Yeah, it'll do that, puppy. Feels good, doesn't it?" He laughs, ruffling my hair.
"No," I answer, pouting and pressing my face against his pants leg.
He hmms, jerking my head up and shoving another piece, this one laden with peppers, into my mouth. "Chew thoroughly, puppy. I can't have you choking, now can I?"
I let out a strangled gasp as searing pain engulfs my mouth and tears drip down my face. Still whimpering, I chew the piece of calzone thoroughly.
"Sir, can-can I have something to drink?"
"I suppose you do deserve a treat," he muses, setting down a bowl full of milk in front of me. "There you go, puppy."
I bury my face into the bowl, eagerly slurping up the milk, a few drops flying out onto the floor. "Th-thank you Sir," I mumble out, milk dripping down my face and he laughs.
"Such a messy puppy," he mutters, wiping my face clean and pressing a quick soft kiss to my lips.
"Your messy puppy." I kiss him back, licking his cheek happily.

so i

Apr. 5th, 2011 08:40 pm
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officially actually honestly came out to my parents as trans today.

as expected my dad didn't really say anything.
my mom teared up a little-which was nice from her "whatever just get a job" from last year.

now to go track down some reading material/tell the brother.


Mar. 25th, 2011 11:10 pm
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[I was going to publish this but figured I could let you guys have a looksee especially considering I missed the deadline. And since I was planning on having this published, feel free to leave comments.]

Contains: M/M porn. Blowjobs, anal play (rimming, anal sex, fingering), foodplay, salophilia, watersports, wet'n'messy fun, verbal humiliation, begging, copious use of the pet name "puppy", blatant wish-fulfillment, two adorably kinky dorky boys in love.

[yeah when i say "idfic" i mean it. oops?]

And now for our feature presentation )


Mar. 25th, 2011 09:50 pm
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Okay so recap:

  • I've been diagnosed with depression [most likely psychotic as I have hallucinations and was in the hospital for five days earlier this month for them as well.]
  • I am on medication for the hallucinations/will be for the depression.
  • I am in therapy for the depression, among my other mental neuroses.

  • name change papers are being filed on the 8th!

  • the boy and i are still...whatever we are. and i'm getting the six-month jitters about it right now
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