Apr. 16th, 2011 01:35 am
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Contains: D/s, cyber sex, dialogue heavy

His voice floats out from my speakers.
"I know you're the only one watching, puppy."
My fingers fly on the keyboard. Really?
"Yep. What are you up to?"
I blush even though I'm pretty sure he can't see me. I was just jacking off.
He laughs. "Well then. Naughty puppy, I've got, hmm? What are you thinking about?"
"Me? And what am I doing to you?"
I swallow, face burning red and I continue typing. You're fucking me-
He interrupts and I blush even more, burrowing my head into my shoulder as my words fall from his lips. "I'm just fucking you? You're not tied down and completely at my mercy?"
N-not yet. So anyway, you're fucking me and it's slow and you're biting down on my shoulder-
"And whispering into your ear that you're mine, right?"
He continues."And then my hands are all over you, right? Swiftly tying your hands to the bedposts, running down your warm flush skin?"
Y-yeah. And I'm squirming against my bonds as you touch me, my skin warm and you lick a stripe up my stomach, dipping into my navel with relish.
"Mmm, you know my buttons well, puppy. My tongue swirls around a bit before pulling out and licking its way to your chest and I take a nipple in my mouth, lightly sucking on it."
I can barely contain the whimper that escapes my mouth as he speaks. I let out a wanton moan as you suck on a nipple, pressing my hand against the back of your head and stroking your hair.
He groans aloud and I smile as he continues. "I pull back and start to lightly suck on the other nipple before abruptly leaving and lavishing my tongue onto your neck, nipping and sucking and biting at the soft skin there, desperate to leave a mark."
I whine as his voice flies out from the speakers and hurriedly type out a response. I groan, arching my neck as you suck and nibble, my briefs becoming uncomfortably damp.
A soft moan and he continues, panting a little. "Your scent engulfs my nostrils and I grin, trailing a hand down to your wet briefs and dipping a finger in, relishing the warmth. Such a wet puppy you are."
I nod and arch my hips when I feel you dip a finger in and my legs spread eagerly. I'm panting now, breath coming soft and shallow, my hips jerking restlessly.
"I chuckle softly as I watch you spread your legs like the little slut that you are and I tug down your briefs, trailing a hand along the soft expanse of damp fuzz."
I let out a soft moan and press your hand closer to my wet dripping slit, sliding a finger of yours inside to join with my own and I clench around them.
I can hear him swallow and the creak of his desk chair as he shifts in his seat, and I can picture him there, legs spread, one hand at his keyboard, the other hurriedly pulling out his swollen dripping cock.
He lets out a breathy high-pitched whine. "Nnnrgh, puppy. My finger slides easily into your warm wet slit and I crook it against your needy walls, aiming for that sweet special spot."
Another groan escapes my mouth and I slide my hand down my pants, shoving my underwear off and coating my crack in warm wet lube. I moan as you twist your finger inside me, my hips arching up in pleasure and I beg you to go faster, Sir, harder please please please.
A gasp crackles out of my speakers. "Y-yes, good boy, such a good boy you are, begging your Master to fuck you harder and faster, yes. And he will too, because you're such a good boy, all splayed out and pleading." He swallows again and I can hear fabric rustling.
You pull our entwined fingers out, both of them dripping with fluid and smear them onto my lips, my tongue darting out to suck yours into my mouth. I'm rocking in my chair now, hips thrusting into the empty air and I keen.
Lewd moans and whines fly out of my speakers as he adds. "I pull my fingers out of your dripping wet slit and slide then against your crack."
I buck against you as I feel your fingers grazing my crack and I back into them, pushing them in as quick as they'll go.
Another low whine escapes my mouth as I listen to him groan and gasp on the other end. "M-my fingers slip in easy and I start to thrust into your tight ass and you feel so good puppy so snug and wet and warm and you're su-such a good boy."
I groan again, senselessly rocking against the couch cushion, my toes curling and I shiver, sending a gush of warm sticky fluid onto the cushion.
Your thrusting is just enough to send your poor puppy over the edge, coating your other hand in fluid and he lets out a shaky moan, slumping forward.
(And what about you?)

He lets out a final gasp and I can picture him in his desk chair, his hot heavy balls seizing up and globs of sticky warm come coating his hand. "Nnrgh, puppy. I-I'm good. Gotta clean up though."
I snicker, my tongue lolling out of my mouth and a thin line of drool running down my chin. You're all sticky too, huh?
"Mmmhmm. G'night puppy. Love you."
"Love you too."


Apr. 13th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Contains: D/s, teasing, orgasm control, begging, bondage:being tied down, fingering

His hands are warm against my skin and I let out a whimper.
"Sir, Sir please please."
"Please what, puppy?" he says, fingertips gliding over my skin. "You said you wanted me to touch you."
"N-not like that. I-I want you to touch me."
He smirks, straddling me and pressing a kiss to my stomach. "Oh-ho, puppy's feeling a little naughty tonight, isn't he?"
I whine in response, thrusting my hips up desperately and he laughs.
"He is. Mmm, such a needy thing, aren't you?"
"Y-yes Sir," I say, groaning as he thrusts his hips down against me and I let out a low moan.
"You want me to touch you?" he murmurs, pressing against my damp briefs and I whine deep in my throat. "No, you need me to touch you don't you? Need to feel your Master touching you, don't you?"
"Yes," I whisper, straining against my bonds and he laughs, petting my thigh and sliding my briefs down my legs, leaving them pooled at my ankles.
"Such a good boy," he whispers back against my skin, his fingers stroking through the wiry hair on my stomach. "Such a very good boy and he's all mine. Mine to play with-" He pauses, pressing kisses along my hips and I whimper when I can feel a glance of warm wet tongue along my skin. "-mine to tease-"Another pause and his fingers wander down, lightly touching my moist dripping slit and I buck my hips in response. "-mine to fuck-" The tips of his fingers slide in easily and I moan, rocking as best as I can on them, trying in vain to get some friction. "-and mine to love." His fingers venture deeper and I let out a whimper, squeezing around his fingers and he moves them around the sensation too much to bear and my toes curl.
"Ah ah, puppy. Not until I say you can."
"Sir!"I strain against my bonds, squirming and whimpering. "Please, Sir, please!"
He laughs, stroking my thigh fondly. "Please what puppy?"
"Please Sir, can I-" My plea gets choked off as he pulls his fingers out and then plunges them back into my dripping slit.
"Yes, go ahead."
I let out a low moan as I gush all over his fingers, soaking them with sticky warm fluid and he slides them out easily and smears them over my stomach.
"Messy puppy, aren't you? My messy puppy."


Apr. 12th, 2011 08:56 pm
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Contains: D/s, dirty talk, light bondage, verbal humiliation

Oh and a rough blowjob )


Apr. 11th, 2011 10:27 pm
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Contains: D/s, salophilia, drawn out descriptions of sweaty skin

I sprawl against him on the couch and whine. "It's hot, Sir."
He chuckles, ruffling my hair and nodding. "You're right it is, puppy. And what do you expect me to do about it?"
I hmph, pouting a little and nudging his stomach. "I was just sayin'."
"Whining more like it, puppy."
Another hmph and I fumble with his shirt buttons. "Wasn't whining, Sir."
He glances down and smiles. "And what are you doing now?"
"Trying to undo your buttons. You're real warm, Sir."
"You just like seeing me with my shirt off."
"That too," I mumble into his skin and a thin line of drool escapes my mouth.
He groans, wiping the drool off onto my shoulder, and laughs. "Oh, puppy likes what he sees, hmm? Well then."
He sprawls out all the way, nudging me off him as he slides his pants down his legs, lying in just his underwear, sweat gleaming off his entire body. "You could be a good boy and help me cool off."
I nod eagerly, my tongue lapping at the salty beads of liquid on his skin, slowly licking a path up to his thighs and I pause. "Sir?" I venture, my face buried between his legs.
"Yes, puppy?"
"Spread your legs a little more, please."
He does, an amused smile crossing his face as he watches me lap at the shiny skin on his thighs, the salty liquid hitting my tongue and I let out a soft moan.
"Silly thing," he murmurs, kissing the top of my head.
I mumble something back against his skin, too distracted by the silk taste of his sweat and the sheen on his body, wiry hairs hiding sweet treasures and I pull back reluctantly, a thin bronze hair stuck in my teeth.
A quick tug later and I dive back in, warm sweat gliding over my lips and I work my way up to his stomach, lapping at the trail of fuzz then to his chest, gently flicking my tongue against a nipple and I giggle when he lets out a gasp.
"Mmf. Careful there, puppy."
I ignore him as trace a line of sweat around his other nipple, the scent of him becoming almost too much to bear as I lick at his clavicles. I finally end with a slurp of his face, his beard tickling my tongue and he groans, laughing and gently shoving me off him.
"Ugh, now I'm all covered in puppyspit."
I giggle again, licking the tip of his nose. "Just marking my territory, Sir."

Open Up

Apr. 9th, 2011 12:13 am
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Contains: D/s, foodplay: forcefeeding

I press my face against his thigh and let out a whine.
He glances down and smiles, fingers playing idly with my hair. "You want a bite of calzone, puppy?"
I nod eagerly, looking up at him.
"Such a spoiled puppy you know that?" he murmurs, tugging me close against him and ripping off a corner piece. "Here you go, a nice yummy piece of calzone for my spoiled sweet puppy."
I sniff at it, recoiling a bit at the sharp scent of hot peppers and whine a little more.
He laughs, waving it in front of my nose. "Oh, puppy doesn't want a piece with any hots on it, does he? Well, too bad then."
A whimper escapes my mouth and I squeeze my lips together, watching the piece of calzone get even closer to me.
"Open your mouth, puppy."
I shake my head.
He pauses, smirking. "That wasn't a question. Open."
Another shake and I watch as his hand snakes out and a finger lightly strokes my jaw. "You want to be a good boy for your Master, don't you?"
I lean eagerly into his touch and nod, reluctantly opening my mouth just a sliver.
"Mmm, good boy," he says, sliding a piece of calzone into my mouth and pressing against my chin to close it.
I whimper once he places it in my mouth, the hot juices spilling out over my tongue and my eyes water. I chew it as quickly as possible, hurriedly swallowing and lick my lips.
"Ah ah, puppy. I saw how fast you ate that. Savor the next piece," he orders, holding my chin and sliding another piece of calzone in, the hot peppers bursting in my mouth and I let out a low whimper.
"Burns, Sir," I gasp out, blinking rapidly, a few beads of sweat rolling down my face.
"Yeah, it'll do that, puppy. Feels good, doesn't it?" He laughs, ruffling my hair.
"No," I answer, pouting and pressing my face against his pants leg.
He hmms, jerking my head up and shoving another piece, this one laden with peppers, into my mouth. "Chew thoroughly, puppy. I can't have you choking, now can I?"
I let out a strangled gasp as searing pain engulfs my mouth and tears drip down my face. Still whimpering, I chew the piece of calzone thoroughly.
"Sir, can-can I have something to drink?"
"I suppose you do deserve a treat," he muses, setting down a bowl full of milk in front of me. "There you go, puppy."
I bury my face into the bowl, eagerly slurping up the milk, a few drops flying out onto the floor. "Th-thank you Sir," I mumble out, milk dripping down my face and he laughs.
"Such a messy puppy," he mutters, wiping my face clean and pressing a quick soft kiss to my lips.
"Your messy puppy." I kiss him back, licking his cheek happily.


Mar. 25th, 2011 11:10 pm
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[I was going to publish this but figured I could let you guys have a looksee especially considering I missed the deadline. And since I was planning on having this published, feel free to leave comments.]

Contains: M/M porn. Blowjobs, anal play (rimming, anal sex, fingering), foodplay, salophilia, watersports, wet'n'messy fun, verbal humiliation, begging, copious use of the pet name "puppy", blatant wish-fulfillment, two adorably kinky dorky boys in love.

[yeah when i say "idfic" i mean it. oops?]

And now for our feature presentation )

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