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i found out what the officer said:
"That's how she identifies. She wants to be called Callum."

and the other trans* person is bitching because they've assigned her the "token T"position in the group. [and, yes i was an ass and commented with: "at least they treat you like a T". she has not yet responded.]

and i know at least one of the officers got the letter I sent- the PR rep who hasn't actually done anything-but I have no idea what they did with it. (my guess? probably read it then tossed it in the trash.]
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there's this kid in my Ling class. Well, he comes into the office and starts calling me her name.
Mind you, we have class together 3 days a week. he's heard Dr. Braidi call me Callum. And when I correct him, he goes: "well i knew you as *her name*."

my response: "yes well, it's Callum now."
he didn't stop.


I corrected him twice on the pronouns and then just kinda gave up.

Good news:
I have amazing wonderful offline/online friends who tell me things like this:
"I really think you and *my therapist* need to discuss, and perhaps try to come to terms with the fact that most people for whatever reason just don't care/respect you/etc. I know you know that, but I don't think you connect with many people that aren't some aspect/variety of weird/screwed up that you are, too. I don't know, just accepting that might make life easier, truly accepting and saying, eh fuck it, the people I do have are particularly special, etc.
I apparently mesh with your particular brand of crazy. Sam, clearly, does not."

[my response: I do know that. I do. It's just hard because I'd managed [or thought I had] to make friends with the people that I'm finding out don't care or respect me-that's taking some time to process.]

"I do get what you are going through. You get it much more frequently and I think more severely, yes, but I do have the same problem. I think the fact that you are aware of this whole process/concept/whatever the hell it is, is going to help tremendously."


Sep. 8th, 2010 05:00 pm
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i corrected you about my pronouns [in a nice tone by the way. i could've been an asshole about it but I wasn't] and turn around and say "oh _last name_, i can't keep up with you". and then everyone laughed.
some days it isn't worth going to the office.
[sweat to god tomorrow, i'm coming into the meeting with a nametag that has Callum bolded and underlined and my preferred pronoun ["he", in case any of you were curious. ;)] also bolded and underlined. maybe then they'd get a clue.

Probably not:
"I have been talking to at least one person that goes, I won't tell you their name, that wasn't using your preferred name/pronouns when talking about you being at the meeting. I explained and this person still kept doing it... so yeah, even the ones not intentionally being mean aren't going to do it.
there had been some confusion/baffled-ness because when you first started this coming out thing you were undecided/neutral/couldn't pick/switched, something like that, and nobody knew what was going on... something to that effect, and apparently that's why they can't take you seriously or ... some other convoluted idea. I didn't exactly follow it."
I just I.
when I first started this coming out process, it was "zie" but if you weren't comfortable with that than "she" was acceptable. Then as I got more comfortable, it changed to "he". And now I want it to stay "he".
How is that complicated?
[and a lot of trans* people I know went from not ID'ing in the gender binary to then ID'ng within, or closer to it.]

It's just it's like middle school all over again. except it hurts a bit more now.


Aug. 30th, 2010 12:33 pm
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[have you known me for three years? technically yes] However you were at the meeting last week. When I introduced myself as Callum. not her name, not her other name. As Callum.

[And then when i corrected you as regards to my pronouns, you just smiled and didn't use them for the rest of the conversation. And yes, other people in the office i saw you two glance at each other when i corrected him.] Thanks. Thanks for that.

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