Sep. 3rd, 2010 05:45 pm
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[second week down! :)]
I still get all giddy/get that enormously stupid grin whenever my professors call me Callum. [they don't use it with any hesitation too!]

biGLtM is still problematic as ever but now the other trans* person is speaking out [unfortunately all i can do-so far- is nod and mutter things.

One instance of that: the group wants to have a "gender Identi-tea Party". A valid concern is that this, not quite mocks but downplays, maybe, trans* people. The officers immediately said that that wasn't their intent but you know, intent's not always know. Sometimes you have to see how people will take things at face value especially when you're dealing with gender identity.
Anyway, I digress
so the VP of the group is talking and she mentions that, as a sometimes butch lesbian, she gets mistaken for trans*. I wanted so badly to comment that actually, as a trans* person, i've found it's the other way around, that I'm more likely to be mistaken for a (cis*) butch lesbian-which I'm not and even when I ID'd as female, I didn't ID as butch-than a trans* guy, simply because people's minds don't automatically jump to "vaguely female shape with short hair, flat chest, guys' clothing=trans* person." they jump to "butch (cis*) lesbian". But I couldn't get my thoughts in order at the time to disagree.]

Also, deviantArt has this..thing called Muro [online Paint-type program]. I LOVE it.
So much that there are drawings on my DA now. One.
Two. Heee. Fun things.

Adopt one today!

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