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girl in my Stats class:
"I know a couple Callums but they're boys. But i guess Callum could be a girl's name."
"oh it's a boy's name. *grin* That's why I picked it."
"Oh. Oh. *smile*"


Sep. 8th, 2010 05:00 pm
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i corrected you about my pronouns [in a nice tone by the way. i could've been an asshole about it but I wasn't] and turn around and say "oh _last name_, i can't keep up with you". and then everyone laughed.
some days it isn't worth going to the office.
[sweat to god tomorrow, i'm coming into the meeting with a nametag that has Callum bolded and underlined and my preferred pronoun ["he", in case any of you were curious. ;)] also bolded and underlined. maybe then they'd get a clue.

Probably not:
"I have been talking to at least one person that goes, I won't tell you their name, that wasn't using your preferred name/pronouns when talking about you being at the meeting. I explained and this person still kept doing it... so yeah, even the ones not intentionally being mean aren't going to do it.
there had been some confusion/baffled-ness because when you first started this coming out thing you were undecided/neutral/couldn't pick/switched, something like that, and nobody knew what was going on... something to that effect, and apparently that's why they can't take you seriously or ... some other convoluted idea. I didn't exactly follow it."
I just I.
when I first started this coming out process, it was "zie" but if you weren't comfortable with that than "she" was acceptable. Then as I got more comfortable, it changed to "he". And now I want it to stay "he".
How is that complicated?
[and a lot of trans* people I know went from not ID'ing in the gender binary to then ID'ng within, or closer to it.]

It's just it's like middle school all over again. except it hurts a bit more now.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 05:45 pm
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[second week down! :)]
I still get all giddy/get that enormously stupid grin whenever my professors call me Callum. [they don't use it with any hesitation too!]

biGLtM is still problematic as ever but now the other trans* person is speaking out [unfortunately all i can do-so far- is nod and mutter things.

One instance of that: the group wants to have a "gender Identi-tea Party". A valid concern is that this, not quite mocks but downplays, maybe, trans* people. The officers immediately said that that wasn't their intent but you know, intent's not always know. Sometimes you have to see how people will take things at face value especially when you're dealing with gender identity.
Anyway, I digress
so the VP of the group is talking and she mentions that, as a sometimes butch lesbian, she gets mistaken for trans*. I wanted so badly to comment that actually, as a trans* person, i've found it's the other way around, that I'm more likely to be mistaken for a (cis*) butch lesbian-which I'm not and even when I ID'd as female, I didn't ID as butch-than a trans* guy, simply because people's minds don't automatically jump to "vaguely female shape with short hair, flat chest, guys' clothing=trans* person." they jump to "butch (cis*) lesbian". But I couldn't get my thoughts in order at the time to disagree.]

Also, deviantArt has this..thing called Muro [online Paint-type program]. I LOVE it.
So much that there are drawings on my DA now. One.
Two. Heee. Fun things.

Adopt one today!


Aug. 30th, 2010 12:33 pm
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[have you known me for three years? technically yes] However you were at the meeting last week. When I introduced myself as Callum. not her name, not her other name. As Callum.

[And then when i corrected you as regards to my pronouns, you just smiled and didn't use them for the rest of the conversation. And yes, other people in the office i saw you two glance at each other when i corrected him.] Thanks. Thanks for that.
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[only a hundred some more to go. :p]
So the first week of my junior[ish] year is over.

And there were some ups [the none-empty men's bathroom, being gendered as male even without packing/binding, my res. hall being completely motherfucking awesome in regards to everything, my roommates being cool, i made a new friend thursday-he's cute and enjoys glitter about as much as i do. :)]

and some downs [biGLtM's continued not using pronouns/my name when they talk to/about me, a friend being "assertive" regarding our relationship at 3 AM, that terrifying bout of dysphoria]

but all in all, I think this week went pretty well.
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So my linguistics professor had to make a roster change this morning when she called roll. :D [three guesses as to why!] :D :D
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I was really looking forward to hearing my name being yelled across the courtyard but nope, they yelled out what they've called me since last year [my last name-a holdover from before when there were too many of *her name* in our group].

And it made me really sad because my RAs-some of whom have known me for 3 years-have been amazing about using the right name and they haven't slipped. At all. [And some of them only found out around last week.] They've even gone "You're Callum, right?" And I just grinned.

They can manage it. Why can't my friends?
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it is so surreal hearing people actually call me "Cal/Callum". I love it.
also i have an awesome binder [except that it's all sweaty and gross now. :(]
and i got called "sir" when i was helping the ickle wittle froshies move-in.

and and i was totally read tonight as male!! :D i coo'd at this one guy's dog. And he just looked at me all like "wtf?"

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