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Apr. 5th, 2011 08:40 pm
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officially actually honestly came out to my parents as trans today.

as expected my dad didn't really say anything.
my mom teared up a little-which was nice from her "whatever just get a job" from last year.

now to go track down some reading material/tell the brother.
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"I know this is very random, but I was wondering if you are any relation to S____ E. R_____. I was trying to find her on facebook because we will be rooming together this year at WVU, and you seem to have many things in common that points to you being her sibling. Hometown, college, last name."

[got a favorable, I assume, response back. maybe this is just where i live/who I hang out with, but how do you not know about transgender people? like this is the second time I've had a roommate who's responded like that-the first one changed rooms.]

came out

Jul. 16th, 2010 04:08 pm
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to my neighbors. :)

it's funny

Jun. 29th, 2010 11:34 am
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how the little things can make one get all dysphoric and twitchy and unhappy.

[or arghflx i've had to wear her underwear these past couple days and i can't pack in them ('cause they're all silky smooth back when i overcompensated] and it's driving me fucking nuts and i hate it hate it hate hate it) though my mother did give me a bunch of her sports bras-which and they're a bit too small-makes them great for binding. but they're uneven 'cause of that frickin huge scar on my chest and i hate cause everytime i look down i can see that imperfect line and it's driving me fucking crazy and i cn't fucking stand it and

it's been about a month since i came out to them [as non-binary trans*, at the time i was] and my mom hasn't mentioned anything to me. i know these things take time but still...and i know she knows i changed my name on facebook but she hasn't mentioned that and damn it i want to come out to them but the denial they're going through is making me not want to -well not to them, to people they're friends with, yes-and i

think i may have officially come out on facebook. with a link. this should be fun.

[the link in question: ] (yeah, i'm the first letter. ^_^)

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