Sep. 8th, 2010 05:00 pm
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i corrected you about my pronouns [in a nice tone by the way. i could've been an asshole about it but I wasn't] and turn around and say "oh _last name_, i can't keep up with you". and then everyone laughed.
some days it isn't worth going to the office.
[sweat to god tomorrow, i'm coming into the meeting with a nametag that has Callum bolded and underlined and my preferred pronoun ["he", in case any of you were curious. ;)] also bolded and underlined. maybe then they'd get a clue.

Probably not:
"I have been talking to at least one person that goes, I won't tell you their name, that wasn't using your preferred name/pronouns when talking about you being at the meeting. I explained and this person still kept doing it... so yeah, even the ones not intentionally being mean aren't going to do it.
there had been some confusion/baffled-ness because when you first started this coming out thing you were undecided/neutral/couldn't pick/switched, something like that, and nobody knew what was going on... something to that effect, and apparently that's why they can't take you seriously or ... some other convoluted idea. I didn't exactly follow it."
I just I.
when I first started this coming out process, it was "zie" but if you weren't comfortable with that than "she" was acceptable. Then as I got more comfortable, it changed to "he". And now I want it to stay "he".
How is that complicated?
[and a lot of trans* people I know went from not ID'ing in the gender binary to then ID'ng within, or closer to it.]

It's just it's like middle school all over again. except it hurts a bit more now.
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I was really looking forward to hearing my name being yelled across the courtyard but nope, they yelled out what they've called me since last year [my last name-a holdover from before when there were too many of *her name* in our group].

And it made me really sad because my RAs-some of whom have known me for 3 years-have been amazing about using the right name and they haven't slipped. At all. [And some of them only found out around last week.] They've even gone "You're Callum, right?" And I just grinned.

They can manage it. Why can't my friends?


Aug. 1st, 2010 03:05 am
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my mother was doing so well.
talking to her about a cousin's friend who says zie's a boy [it's a whole mess of complicatedness].
me: "well, it's not a lesbian relationship if zie thinks zie's a boy."
her: "but [zie's] not a boy; [zie] has a vagina."
me: just because [zie's] not male down here-" *gestures towards genitalia* "-doesn't mean [zie's] not male here." *points to brain*
she didn't say anything.

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