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Jun. 29th, 2010 11:34 am
agent_squeaks: (Default)
how the little things can make one get all dysphoric and twitchy and unhappy.

[or arghflx i've had to wear her underwear these past couple days and i can't pack in them ('cause they're all silky smooth back when i overcompensated] and it's driving me fucking nuts and i hate it hate it hate hate it) though my mother did give me a bunch of her sports bras-which and they're a bit too small-makes them great for binding. but they're uneven 'cause of that frickin huge scar on my chest and i hate cause everytime i look down i can see that imperfect line and it's driving me fucking crazy and i cn't fucking stand it and

it's been about a month since i came out to them [as non-binary trans*, at the time i was] and my mom hasn't mentioned anything to me. i know these things take time but still...and i know she knows i changed my name on facebook but she hasn't mentioned that and damn it i want to come out to them but the denial they're going through is making me not want to -well not to them, to people they're friends with, yes-and i

think i may have officially come out on facebook. with a link. this should be fun.

[the link in question: ] (yeah, i'm the first letter. ^_^)

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