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girl in my Stats class:
"I know a couple Callums but they're boys. But i guess Callum could be a girl's name."
"oh it's a boy's name. *grin* That's why I picked it."
"Oh. Oh. *smile*"
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I changed my voicemail message on my cell phone. The old one? I sound like a boy just going through puberty-though with a ton of female inflections. The new one? Well, now I sound like a twelve year old boy further along during puberty. Score!

Also tomorrow is going to be the "go to the psychologist and set up an appointment" day.


Jun. 26th, 2010 12:50 am
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How do i know I pass?
When my parents introduce me as their daughter and whoever they're introducing me to just looks at me in disbelief.

[thing I am not looking forward to: cousin's-I think- graduation party tomorrow evening. I'm tempted not to go.]


Jun. 20th, 2010 12:18 am
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looking at photos of Aaron Tveit-b'way star, most recent was Next To Normal- i feel this mix of envy and lust. it's interesting. [i want his abs. and deo volente, I'm going to get them.
of course working out also gives me that wonderful blissful smell. so that's another bonus. ^_^

before, when i looked at female bodies it was always just lust [if i did at all, i usually prefer ogling people in real life as opposed to photos. ;)], unless they were particularly masculine.
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Guess how many articles of women's clothing I'm wearing today?!

[Here's a hint: NONE!]

And I'm finally packing again. :D

And Aaron Tveit-especially in Next to Normal? I wanna look like that. So. Much.
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First trans question on my formspring [link: ]

"Wait so you ID as male. Did you have a sex change operation? Going to? Considering it?"

I don't mind the first part but that first question? I started laughing. Was tempted to answer yes
[in a couple months, yes, yes I did. :p]

(question before this:
"are you lesbian or bi? just curious

Considering i ID as male, this question should probably be asking if I'm straight.
But, I'm bi. I still find other guys attractive but right now I'm leaning more towards women. [Of course, sexuality, like most things is fluid.]"]
Also, just passing this along:

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