oh oops.

Sep. 11th, 2010 02:37 pm
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though i hadn't posted it to QueerSecrets. oh well.
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to my facebook friends:
You want to call me out? Then do it. Don't hide behind anonymity. Don't let it simmer. Just do it. The worst that can happen is that I'll ignore your comment for a bit until I can form a reply.

You're annoyed when I post that I managed to do 6 push-ups or 70 chest presses? Then hide me. Defriend me. I know doing push-ups working out/knowing how to tie a tie don't make me a man. And I'm sorry you all seem to have interpreted it that way.

I like most of y'all.
But when it feels like I'm getting attacked in every safe space I've set up for myself? That hurts. When friends are saying offensive things to me, about me? That hurts.

I'm still going to be sharing my work-out triumphs on facebook though. Because being able to do 6 push-ups makes me happy.

And that's what matters. That's what I'm focusing on. Never mind the rest of you.

[As an addendum: several of you keep mentioning that everyone's transition is different. Have you ever figured that maybe just maybe lifting weights is part of mine? Or have you just dismissed it as me "emulating a stereotype"?]

[And another: "People love you for who you are and they don't need you to explain and rationalize every single aspect of yourself."
But people keep trying to. And then they complain when my explanations fall short of their expectations. And then they say we're friends-but their actions don't match. *sigh* People suck.]
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legal name change [summer 2011]
T [at some point.]
pretzel M&Ms [as soon as i find them in stores]
futurama comes back [the 24th]
friends [August 19th]
new semester in which I am getting a 3.0 or better [Aug. 19th]

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