Apr. 13th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Contains: D/s, teasing, orgasm control, begging, bondage:being tied down, fingering

His hands are warm against my skin and I let out a whimper.
"Sir, Sir please please."
"Please what, puppy?" he says, fingertips gliding over my skin. "You said you wanted me to touch you."
"N-not like that. I-I want you to touch me."
He smirks, straddling me and pressing a kiss to my stomach. "Oh-ho, puppy's feeling a little naughty tonight, isn't he?"
I whine in response, thrusting my hips up desperately and he laughs.
"He is. Mmm, such a needy thing, aren't you?"
"Y-yes Sir," I say, groaning as he thrusts his hips down against me and I let out a low moan.
"You want me to touch you?" he murmurs, pressing against my damp briefs and I whine deep in my throat. "No, you need me to touch you don't you? Need to feel your Master touching you, don't you?"
"Yes," I whisper, straining against my bonds and he laughs, petting my thigh and sliding my briefs down my legs, leaving them pooled at my ankles.
"Such a good boy," he whispers back against my skin, his fingers stroking through the wiry hair on my stomach. "Such a very good boy and he's all mine. Mine to play with-" He pauses, pressing kisses along my hips and I whimper when I can feel a glance of warm wet tongue along my skin. "-mine to tease-"Another pause and his fingers wander down, lightly touching my moist dripping slit and I buck my hips in response. "-mine to fuck-" The tips of his fingers slide in easily and I moan, rocking as best as I can on them, trying in vain to get some friction. "-and mine to love." His fingers venture deeper and I let out a whimper, squeezing around his fingers and he moves them around the sensation too much to bear and my toes curl.
"Ah ah, puppy. Not until I say you can."
"Sir!"I strain against my bonds, squirming and whimpering. "Please, Sir, please!"
He laughs, stroking my thigh fondly. "Please what puppy?"
"Please Sir, can I-" My plea gets choked off as he pulls his fingers out and then plunges them back into my dripping slit.
"Yes, go ahead."
I let out a low moan as I gush all over his fingers, soaking them with sticky warm fluid and he slides them out easily and smears them over my stomach.
"Messy puppy, aren't you? My messy puppy."

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