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Soooo I should really just update this too (but i'm really only on dreamwidth to read a friend's journal/FFA) but anyway

as of May 1st I started T! god bless Chase Brexton. and as of last week I'm now on 50 mg weekly!!


Sep. 27th, 2012 08:34 pm
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Contains: puppyplay, coddling, tickling, gags, dirty talk, intercrural sex, orgasm denial, begging
The door creaks open and my ears perk up, rear wiggling back and forth as it opens further and he walks in, stripping his jacket off and kneeling down.
I pounce, barking and licking his face eagerly.
He laughs, letting it go on for a few minutes before gently pushing me off. "Down, puppy. Yes, yes, I know you're excited to see me; I'm glad to see you too. Now fetch." He snaps his fingers and I scramble down the hall into the living room, zeroing in on his slippers and biting down on the toes, lifting my head at the same time and grinning as the well-worn shoes dangle from my mouth.
I pad down the hall, slippers aloft ad triumphantly drop them at his feet. He ruffles my hair, softly squeezing the nape of my neck under the collar. "Good boy," he murmurs, sliding his feet into the slippers and walking down the hall into the living room. "Come on, puppy. Let's relax after a hard day of work."
I let out an arf and follow him, watching as he flops down on the couch, hunting around for the remote and turning on the TV. He glances down at me, winding his fingers through my hair and I lean into his touch, purring happily.
"Silly puppy," he says softly, patting the cushion next to him. "Up."
I clamber onto the couch, settling my head on his thigh.
"There's a good boy." He runs his fingers through my hair, grinning as I burrow my face closer into his thigh. "You're just the cutest puppy, aren't you?"
I let out a muffled bark and wiggle my ass in the air.
"Yes you are," he coos. "You are the cutest puppy." He runs his hand down my back, squeezing my rear. I squirm, rolling over onto my back and looking up at him, letting out a low whimper. He chuckles. "Puppy doesn't get a bellyrub until he speaks."
I bark, the sound ringing throughout the living room and he laughs, skimming his fingers over my stomach before kneading the soft flesh. I groan low in my throat and arch my back, pressing into his hands.
"Puppy just loves his bellyrubs doesn't he? Mmm, roll over and I'll give my puppy a nice thorough rubdown."
I let out a small bark and roll over, looking back over my shoulder at him expectantly.
He chuckles. "Hold on, hold on, you silly thing. Let me get your shirt off."
I sit up and let him unbutton my shirt, sliding it down my shoulders and draping it over the other arm of the couch, before flopping back down onto my stomach.
He grins down at me, ruffling my hair before moving down to the nape of my neck, squeezing the flesh.
"Mmm, puppy's all tense. The poor thing," he says, squeezing down my upper back and I groan.
"Good boy." he presses into my shoulders, slowly moving down, rubbing hard into my skin and I squirm a little. He swats my ass. "Quit squirming, puppy."
I whine and try desperately to stop my body from squirming as his hands skim my sides. He chuckles.
"Oh-ho, looks like my puppy's ticklish, hmm?" His fingers dig in deeper and I fail at trying to hold my body still, squirming anyway, trying in vain to evade his fingers.
"Such a squirmy puppy, isn't he? Oh yes he is."
He pulls his fingers out from my sides and licks a stripe down my skin, ending at top of my hole, dragging his warm tongue around the edge. "I love it when I make my puppy squirm."
I whine, arching my hips against him. He hums, pulling off and straddling me, pinning my wrists above my head. "Puppy's awful noisy tonight. I think I should do something about that, don't you?"
Another whine and I shake my head, tongue lolling out of my mouth. He gets off, nudging at me to turn over, and I obey, watching as he straddles me again, his precome soaked boxers held aloft.
"Yeah I'm definitely going do something about my whiny puppy," he says, pressing his wet boxers against my lips. "Open up, puppy."
I let out a whimper as he pushes the boxers past my lips, the salty sweaty taste hitting my tongue and I groan.
"There's a good boy, these'll keep you nice and quiet now."
"Hmph." He ruffles my hair, grinning down at me and rolling his hips. "Mmmm-mmf!"
"Oh puppy likes that does he?" I arch my hips against his needily, muffled whimpers escaping my mouth. "Oh yes he does." He reaches down and squeezes a nipple and I gasp against the boxers. He smirks, doing it again to the other one, rolling the nub between his fingers. "I know my puppy likes it when I do this." He leans forward, cupping a breast in his hand and dragging it closer to his mouth, darting his tongue out and licking the nipple. I moan around the gag, drool soaking the already damp fabric and buck up against him, feeling his hard cock through his sweats. He groans back in response, grinding his hips down.
"Gotta get these off, puppy. Then maybe I'll fuck you, slide my cock in real deep, make you take it all, leave you wide open and covered in lube, get you all slippery, slip my dick in between your thighs 'til you're covered in come or maybe I'll get even closer, let you suck my dick, paint your face with my seed. Bet you'd love that, puppy."
I whine, nodding my head eagerly.
He pauses, still on top of me. "Let's see. You can't speak, I made sure of that, so I guess you could hold up your fingers?"
I groan behind my gag and hold up two fingers. "You're terrible," I tell him, voice muffled. He laughs, ruffling my hair and getting off me.
"I'll get the lube, puppy. Be right back."
"Oh right your gag. Well all the precome's probably been sucked out of it by now so I guess I can take it out. And I do like hearing you fully." He tugs the boxers out of my mouth and I move my jaw, grinning at him.
"The lube?"
"I'm going, I'm going." He walks out, humming contentedly.
And comes back in, bottle of lube held in his hand. "Got it! Let's have some fun, puppy."
He crosses the room and slaps my thigh hard. "Brat," he mutters fondly, shaking out his hand. "You know what happens to puppies who get all smart-ass with their owners."
"Duh. We get treats 'cause we're so cute."
He snorts, tweaking my ear. "No, puppies who get all smart-ass with their owners get smacked," he says, sliding his sweats off and settling between my legs, hard cock pressed against my legs.
"But I like getting smacked."
He rolls his eyes. "Next I'm gonna start just ignoring you. Bet you'll be willing and compliant then, huh?"
I whimper and pout. "No, I don't like that."
He chuckles, fingers digging into my scalp and my whimper turns into a moan. "That's better, puppy. Close your legs."
I do, yelping softly as cold lube slithers onto my thighs before his warm hands move it around. "There we go, puppy, now you're all slick."
I grin up at him. "'bout time."
Another smack, this time to my shoulder. "I've told you about the sass, puppy." He slides his cock between my thighs, leaning up and taking a breast into his mouth, running his tongue over the nipple and I gasp.
"Oh, that feels good."
"You're so tight, puppy. And it's all for me, isn't it?"
"Mmm, yes, Sir." His cock slides back and forth between my thighs, driving me mad with friction.
"Good boy."
I can feel how hot his cock is, pressing against my thighs as he thrusts his hips before leaning back, lifting his hard length off my legs.
"C'mere, puppy. I got flavored lube so you'll be fine."
I slide out from under him and bury my face into his crotch, inhaling the mix of musk and apple-flavored lube. He chuckles, laying his hand against the top of my head and pressing me more against his crotch.
"Oh hush, puppy, I know you like this. Open up."
I open my mouth, letting the tip of his cock slip into my mouth, the sweet green apple taste almost overpowering his musk, and pull off. "Bleh! That lube tastes gross. Go wash it off then I'll suck you off."
He laughs, squeezing my shoulder. "Demanding thing, aren't you?"
"Seriously, it's gross. And I like green-apple flavor."
"Oh all right. Be right back, puppy." He gets up and then I hear the faucet running in the bathroom and he comes out, shaking his palms off. "Toss me my pants, puppy."
I do and watch as he wipes his hands off, cock still hard, and settles back into his spot on the couch.
"All right, pup, I washed off the lube. Is my dick to your liking now?"
I lean forward, taking the tip of his cock in my mouth and swirling my tongue around the head, before sliding more of him into my mouth, grinning around his length.
He yelps softly, pressing lightly down on my head and I glance up at him through my eyelashes.
"My good boy," he murmurs, gently running his fingers through my hair and I close my eyes in pleasure, sucking on his cock.
He keeps petting me as I run my tongue over his cock, gliding over veins, and he groans, fingers digging into my shoulder. "Nnrgh, puppy. I'm gonna-"
He comes, sending spurts of hot seed down my throat and I swallow greedily before he gently shoves me off. "All right, pup, I'm good. Let's get you a little something, hmm?" He dips his fingers down, pressing into my wet slit and they slide in easily. I let out a groan as he crooks his fingers, grinning at me. "Gosh you're so wet, puppy. Better be careful you don't get the couch wet, huh?"
I moan breathily and nod, gasping as he slides his fingers deeper in. "Yes Sir."
"You gonna come for me, puppy?" he murmurs.
"I'm not a fountain."
He swats my thigh. "Brat. You know what I mean. Should just pull out, leave you high and dry and begging me to let you come. Actually I like that idea." He slides his fingers back out, being sure to do it nice and slow and I whine.
"I don't."
He chuckles, slipping his soaked fingers into his mouth and sucking noisily. "Too bad, puppy."
Another whine and I watch him continue to suck on his fingers, grinning at me.
"Oh you poor thing. Just so needy aren't you?"
I arch my hips up towards him. "Please, Sir, yes Sir, so needy, please."
He grins, running a wet finger down my thigh and I groan. "Mmm, I love listening to you beg, puppy."
A chuckle and he ruffles my hair. "Maybe I could help you out a little, puppy. Turn you over onto your back, bury my face between your cheeks, licking in short little strokes first, pressing deeper in, feeling you buck and squirm against me as I pin you down with my hands and drive in, licking your ass with broad strokes as you moan and try to writhe underneath me-"
I interrupt him with a groan and come, coating his fingers with sticky seed, panting.
"Good boy, puppy."


Jul. 8th, 2012 06:45 pm
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Contains: D/s, collar/leash play, puppyplay
"Got something for you, puppy," he murmurs, running a hand along my thigh.
I squirm, spreading my legs involuntarily. "What?"
He chuckles, still rubbing my thigh, and takes out a long box. "All well-trained puppies need a leash."
I grin up at him, sticking my neck out so he can clip the leash on.
"Good boy," he murmurs, tugging it lightly. "Now up."
He chuckles, ruffling my hair. "Yes, walkies."
I scramble to my feet.
"Ah ah, hands and knees. Puppies don't stand on two legs."
I squeak and drop to my hands and knees, pressing against his thigh.
"Come on puppy. You need your exercise."
I bark at him and he laughs.
"Of course you get a treat afterward. Now come on." He swats my ass and I get moving, shuffling around the basement on my hands and knees, limbs pressing into the carpet and I look up at him happily, tongue lolling out.
"Silly puppy," he murmurs. "You just love your walkies, don't you?"
Another bark and I press my side against his legs, waggling my rear.
He chuckles. "Oughta get you a tail for Christmas, puppy. Though I do like the sight of your ass wiggling in the air. Just perfect for me to do this-" He stops and I feel a whoosh of air and then a loud smack fills the air and I yelp.
He laughs, tugging me flush against him and leading my head up, guiding my face against his erection, the bulge tenting out his pants.
I whine, pressing my mouth against him greedily.
"Easy puppy, you'll get it soon enough." He slips his pants off, revealing his cock, a drop of precome beading at the tip.
I whine excitedly and he jerks me back, looping more of the leash around his wrist. "Ah, ah, puppy. Not yet."
I look up at him, pressing my body against his knees, the leash taut in his grip, and whimper.
He hmms, ruffling my hair and I lean into his touch. "I suppose I could let you have your treat now-"
I let out a excited arf and wiggle my body eagerly.
"Oh all right," he says, settling down on the couch, his legs spread wide. "Only 'cause you're so adorable. C'mere."
A soft woof and I dive onto him, lapping at his sensitive head as he shudders above me, a hand resting in my hair.
"Such a good boy," he groans out, sharply sucking in a breath. His hand twists in my hair, tugging me closer, my face pressed against his hot balls, breath coming out in short puffs.
I bark against his skin, licking greedily at the blotting of precome on his cock.
He chuckles, reaching out with his other hand and squeezing a nipple, smooth fingers sliding down my skin, dipping into my bellybutton, stroking and twining the few hairs below it. "Good puppy," he murmurs and I glance up at him, his eyes half-lidded, a small smile on his face. "You love being down here, don't you? Love having my dick in your mouth." He pulls out of my mouth and smudges his cock on my face, rubbing the spit and precome against my lips.
I whine, mouthing at his cock needily.
"Speak, puppy. Tell me how much you like being down here."
I bark excitedly, waggling my rear and pressing myself against his knees, rubbing my face against his balls.
He laughs, running his fingers through my hair. "There's my good boy." He palms his cock, slick with spit and precome, jerking his hand up and down the hard length. He grunts, eyes closed as I watch him, a thin line of drool making its way out of my mouth.
"Gonna come on you puppy. Get you all covered in my come, make sure everyone knows who you belong to." Another harsh grunt and he does come, spattering my face and chest with hot sticky seed and I groan.
"Good puppy," he murmurs, swiping his fingers in the mess and holding them out to me. "Clean 'em off, pup."
I suck his fingers into my mouth, eyes closing happily as I swallow his come.
"Nice job," he says, wiping my face off with a towel and tugging me up onto the couch. "Come on, let's cuddle."
I grin at him, burrowing in against his side and sighing in contentment.
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Buuut something did happen yesterday that I figured I'd share

We're official! :D I haven't stopped smiling since it happened.
[also the picture facebook used are old as heck. the one on the left[where I'm wearing an ID badge] is from high school and the one on the right [with the young boy in between us] is from two years ago (and yes it's in a pet shop. :p).


May. 28th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Contains: shower sex, watersports
He buries his face into my neck and I feel him breathe in.
"Mmm, puppy, we need a shower."
I pull away from him and lean against his shoulder, looking up at him. "We do, huh?"
"Mmmhmm. Come on, strip for me."
I grin, slowly sliding my pants off, revealing wet briefs.
"Damp already?"
"S'what you do to me," I mutter, pulling my shirt up over my head, feeling his eyes on me, and I shiver.
He hums, pressing his hands against my hips and pulling me in close, rubbing circles with his thumbs. "Cold, puppy? I'll get you warmed up."
I chuckle, leaning back against him, putting my hands on top of his and pulling my briefs down. "I bet you will."
He reaches over and fiddles with the shower knobs and I watch as steam rises up. "Get in."
"Yes Sir!"
I stand in the shower, letting the hot water rush over me, and I can hear him get in, pulling me against his chest and getting me a face full of hot water.
"Gonna get me all clean, Sir?"
"Yep. But first." He pushes on the nape of my neck and I go down, water beating against my back and I press against his warm wet thigh. "Good boy. Stay like that.
He nudges my cheek with his soft cock. "You want it in your mouth or what, pup?"
"No. All over? Please?" The 'please' added as an afterthought. I pull myself away from his thigh and give his cock a friendly lick.
"Mmm, careful, puppy, keep that up and I won't be able to piss without spraying the walls."
My ears perk up and I pull back, waiting eagerly. "Yeah yeah. I'm waiting."
He slaps my shoulder, the sound echoing in the room and I grin up at him.
He laughs, rubbing his dick on my cheek. "Keep up the sass, puppy, and you'll get it again."
He places a hand on his cock, pulling the foreskin back, guiding it towards my chest, and he sighs as a stream starts to trickle out, splashing at his feet. It starts to pick up speed, hitting me sharply in the chest and I groan, tilting my head back, neck bare.
"There's a good boy, showing everyone who he belongs to, aren't you?"
"Yes, Sir."
"And who do you belong to?"
"You, Sir."
"Good boy," he murmurs, pressing my face into his crotch. "Gonna give me a show, puppy?"
Water hits my side as I slip halfway out of the shower to pull open a drawer, taking out the lube.
"Maybe," I answer, getting back into the shower and looking up at him eagerly. "Could could you fuck me?"
He smiles, pulling me against him and pressing a kiss to my lips. "After you suck my dick, puppy."
I sink to my knees and lick the underside of his cock, swirling my tongue around the dripping head and he groans.
"Get it all wet for me, puppy."
I nod around him, sliding more of him into my mouth, getting his skin soaked in spit before pulling off.
"That good?"
He groans softly, ruffling my wet hair. "Could have you down there all day, puppy."
"I wanna be down there all day, Sir."
"Stand up." He pulls me up, pressing my face into the wall, cool tile against my skin.
He leans against me, warm wet body against me and I can feel his cock against me. "My good boy, aren't you? Yes you are. You're my good boy. And I'm gonna give my boy a nice treat."
I squirm in anticipation until I feel a hand at the back of my neck.
"Stay still, puppy."
He tugs on a lock of hair. "Sorry what?"
"Sorry Sir."
I can feel his fingers probing my hole, pressing into it and I let out a low groan over the sound of the water.
"Mmm, puppy loves when I do this. Loves having my fingers pressing into his greedy hole. Doesn't he?"
I gasp out as his fingers slide past the ring of muscle, gliding along my sensitive walls.
He shallowly thrusts his fingers in and out, spreading me wide and I feel the head of his cock pressing against me.
"Ready for this, puppy?"
"Oh yes Sir."
My eyes close as he starts to slide the tip in and I can feel it pressing inside me and he lets out a low moan when it slips in.
"Mmm, does that feel good, puppy? You like it when I fuck you?"
I nod, pressing back against him as his cock slides deeper into me. His hands move up from my hips to squeeze my nipples and he grins against my shoulder. "And I know puppy likes it when I do this. Don't you?"
"Yes Sir," I gasp out, shivering in his grasp.
He turns and twists my hard nipples between his fingers and I let out a low moan, leaning my head back against his collarbone, looking up at him. "Please, Sir."
He presses more into me, turning his head just enough to drag his tongue along my lips.
"Open up, puppy."
I open up eagerly, moaning as he slips his tongue into my mouth, licking inside, and he bites my lower lip, thrusting his hips at the same time.
Another hard twist and I gasp into his mouth, coming against the wall, sticky fluid running down my legs and he pulls out, coming on my back and I can feel his come dripping down my skin.
"Mmm, yours?"
He nods, biting my shoulder softly. "Mine. Now let's get you all cleaned up, puppy."
I grin at him, turning around in his arms and reaching for a washcloth. "You first, Sir."
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[ftr if you really want to read more of my ramblings, I have a livejournal: agent_squeaks]

Uh well so, things here have been kinda shit. I hate living in this house [my therapist says my family dynamics are "disturbing"]

and the boy's sick right now poor baby.

oh! I haven't mentioned the gift I'm getting from the boy. he's building me a computer so we can play Guild Wars 2 together. it freaks me out that he's building me this because the cost is more than I feel i deserve [it's in the ballpark of 1k now].


May. 2nd, 2012 11:31 pm
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Contains: D/s, body worship: general pudginess, navel fetish, rimming, spanking
He shoves me down on the bed, straddling me and pressing his hands against my shoulders.
"Such a soft puppy I have," he murmurs, biting at my lower lip. His hands move down to my chest, cupping the soft lumps and rubbing his fingers against my nipples.
I let out a gasp and he smiles.
"Mmm, puppy likes that, doesn't he? Likes when I touch him there." His fingers slide off my chest, settling at my hips and pressing down just enough to feel bone.
"Such broad hips," he whispers into my ear, squeezing the flesh. "And such a nice ass," I lift my hips eagerly as his hands grope me.
"Good boy."
His hands squeeze and knead the soft flesh, moving back up to my thighs. "Love your thighs," he says, ducking down and nibbling my collarbone, shoving me down onto my back, his hard cock pressing against my stomach. "Your wonderful cushy thighs."
He pulls up from my collarbone and makes his way down, stopping to swirl his tongue around my navel. "And your cute bellybutton, I love that too."
"You love everything about me, don't you?"
He grins at me, pressing a kiss to my stomach and looking up at me through his hair. "Pretty much, yeah."
I grin back at him, gasping as the tip of his tongue dips into my bellybutton and he hums happily.
"Mmm, puppy tastes so good." His tongue skates down to my inner thighs, nibbling at the soft flesh.
I peer down at him and smile. "Whatcha doin' down there?"
He hmms contentedly. "You'll see. Turn over."
I obey, feeling his warm breath puff against my hole. His hands glide down the backs of my legs, stopping at my rump.
"Such a plush rump," he murmurs against my skin. "And it's all mine." He pauses, pressing a kiss to the small of my back. "Isn't it?"
"Yes, Sir," I say back, squirming as his tongue slithers over my skin, going up in a curve then down the other side ending in a point.
"Hearts for my puppy."
"Silly Sir." I grin at him, craning my neck as I feel a puff of warm air against my hole.
He chuckles, the tip of his tongue probing and I shiver.
"Mmm, more, please?"
"Such a good boy. Asking so nicely. Of course you can get more." He presses his tongue deeper in, pressing against the walls of my rear and I moan.
Another moan escapes my lips as he pulls up and then pushes back down, running his tongue all along my crack.
He smiles, pushing his tongue deeper inside, wiggling it and I gasp, backing into him. His hands pin down my hips.
"Stay. Still."
I smirk at him. "Make me."
He smirks back and I feel his tongue sliding out of me. "Remember you asked for this, puppy." I can see his hand draw back and then there's a loud smack and I yelp.
Another loud smack and I squirm on the bed. "That hurts."
He slides a hand between my legs, rubbing my slit. "You're all wet down here, puppy. I think you like this a lot more than you let on." He crooks a finger inside me and I whine happily, my cheeks hot.
"Mmm, you're so wet you're dripping all over my fingers, puppy." He slides it out, the digit glistening and pops it in his mouth. "And you taste so good."
I groan softly, spreading my legs. "Mmm, Sir."
He chuckles, running his tongue along the outside of my slit, running his hands against the inside of my thighs, squeezing the soft flesh. "Yes puppy? My soft puppy."
"Mmm, more Sir, please?"
A soft laugh and he smiles against my skin, gently lapping at my inner thighs.
"Oh all right. I can indulge you this one time."
"But you indulge me all the time, Sir. You spoil me rotten."
"Not my fault you're so easy to spoil."
His tongue swirls around my slit, wet point licking up the juices that leak out and I let out a lewd loud moan, snaking my legs around him and he laughs out loud.
"Eager puppy," he murmurs, kissing the top of my slit, burrowing his face into the wiry curls. "Fuzzy puppy. My fuzzy puppy."
He moves down, little licks pressing into my skin and I whine.
"Oh puppy doesn't like me teasing him then? Well all right." He pulls off, shrugging my legs off and straddling my stomach once more, his thick cock just barely touching the edge of my lips.
I reach my tongue out, sliding against the head and he lets out a groan.
"Nnnrgh, my puppy knows just what to do, doesn't he?"
"Uh-huh." I stretch out just barely managing to fit his head into my mouth and I roll my tongue around the skin, licking up every drop of precome. He shifts forward, moving more of his cock into my mouth and I groan, a thin line of drool edging out.
"Puppy loves having his Master's cock in his mouth doesn't he?"
I nod around him, eagerly sucking at his cock, his shaft filling my mouth, drool running down my chin.
"Good boy," he says, ruffling my hair. "Look at you, drool running down your chin, mmm, you look so good, puppy. Just keep sucking."
I shift underneath him, my mouth open wide and his cock filling it up and he moans, thrusting shallowly into me.
"Gonna come, puppy. Where do you want it?"
I pull off him slowly, still sucking as his hard cock leaves my mouth and he moves on top of me. "My chest, Sir!"
He smiles down at me, tracing my spit-soaked lips, and taking his cock in his other hand, sliding up and down his thick length. "Puppy just loves getting covered in his Master's come, doesn't he?"
I swallow, watching him, and nod.
"Ah ah, I'm not doing anything until you speak."
"Yes sir! I love getting covered in your come."
"Good boy," he answers, rubbing his cock even faster and I lean forward eagerly. "Here it comes." He comes, splattering my chest with hot seed and I groan in pleasure.
"Mmm, you look amazing like this puppy. All covered in my come, telling the whole world who owns you. And who owns you?"
"You do, Sir."
He grins at me, wiping me off with a sheet. "That's right."


Mar. 14th, 2012 12:04 am
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Contains: D/s, vanilla, dirty talk: vore
He tugs on my collar, finger slipping into the ring, and drags me close to him.
"Missed you so much, puppy."
"Missed you too," I mumble against his skin, pressing against the crook of his neck. "Wanna suck your cock."
He chuckles softly against my skin. "You will, puppy. After our date."
"Mmmhm. I promise."
We sit down at our table in the corner and I grin at him in the dim light.
"I could eat you for dinner, you know, just shrink you down and swallow you, let you get squeezed down my throat then..." My voice trails off and I snicker, watching him shudder in his seat.
"B-bad puppy. You know what happens when you tease."
I pause. "I get what I want?"
He swats my thigh, my skin stinging, and I snicker. "No, you don't get what you want, puppy. You get a spanking."
"I do, huh? But you like it when I tease you. I could always shove you other places. Other nice warm wet places with swollen flesh pulsing around you."
He squirms in his seat and I rub a hand on his thigh, brushing against his semi-hard cock.
"Bet you'd like those places, pressed up against Puppy's warm wet walls and-"
He cuts me off with a low groan, guiding my hand to his hard cock, pressing against his pants.
"Come with me, puppy." He rises, shifting his cock around and beckoning me to follow him.
I snicker, following him and looking up when he leads me into the bathroom.
His hand caresses the nape of my neck and he orders me to kneel in the biggest stall we can find.
"This is your fault, you know," he murmurs, gently forcing my head down to his crotch.
I nod, grinning up at him and opening my mouth eagerly.
The only sound in the room is him unzipping his pants.
"I know, Sir. It was totally worth it though."
He laughs, guiding his hard dripping cock to my lips. "Suck it, puppy, before someone comes in."
I press closer to him, his musky scent filling up my lungs as I dive onto his cock eagerly, slipping the head into my mouth greedily.
"You look so cute sucking my cock," he whispers and my face flushes as footsteps sound on the tile and I glance up and he's leaning against the wall, a finger pressed to his lips.
I shiver and his hand snakes down to my hair, curling his fingers in the soft blond locks.
"Easy puppy, just keep sucking."
I hum around him, bobbing up and down on his shaft, swallowing as drops of precome fill my mouth. The footsteps finally fade and I pull off, groaning in pleasure.
He hums. "And what are you doing off my cock, puppy?"
"Had to breathe, Sir."
"You do have a nose."
"Yeah but I can't breathe so well when my mouth is full."
"And when's it gonna be full again, puppy? My cock's getting cold."
I pinch his thigh. "Soon. Lemme get a breath first."
He winces, reaching down and ruffling my hair. "Sorry, pup."
"Besides if my mouth wasn't free, you wouldn't get to hear all about how I'm gonna shove you down there feet first, let you slide down, covered in sticky sweet puppy juice-"
He interrupts me with a low groan, a hand fisting in my hair. "P-puppy, keep your mouth open."
I grin, keeping my mouth open as he thrusts, a thin line of drool hitting the floor.
"Good boy," he murmurs and he pulses into my mouth, sending a gush of bittersweet come and I swallow it greedily, my tongue darting out to lick at him, cleaning up any stray drops.
He laughs, shivering as I tongue his sensitive shaft. "Ohh, puppy, not missing a drop, are you?"
"No, Sir! I, uh, I like how you taste."
He leans down and tugs me up against him, slipping his tongue into my mouth. "And I like how you taste too puppy. Come on, let's go back to dinner."
"All right," I answer, trailing after him with a smile on my face.
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^That was the Valentine I got from the boy. And a ribbon. Such a sweetheart~


Feb. 19th, 2012 01:30 am
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Contains: D/s, smothering spanking, cunnilingus
His hand cards through my hair and I hum contentedly. His grip tightens and I find myself dragged down towards his pants, his bulge hard and throbbing. "Come on puppy, I know you want this."
I nod, breathing steady as he presses me against his crotch, filling my nostrils with his rich musky scent and I squirm against him happily.
His other hand hauls up his laptop, resting it on his other leg and I make a muffled noise of confusion.
"Just gonna get some work done, puppy. I trust you can stay right where you are while I'm busy."
It wasn't a question.
I pull my head up, grinning at him, and chirp. "Yes Sir!"
He smiles, ruffling my hair before returning to typing. "Good boy."
I feel his cock start to twitch and I look up briefly to see a chat window open and flashing. "Sir?"
"Don't worry, puppy. Just a friend."
A whine escapes my mouth and I nudge at his throbbing cock. He glances down and chuckles. "Oh that. Well, my precious puppy, that's because I can't stop thinking about you. About you down on your knees, mouth wide open against my hard cock, taking all of it in as my hand slides down to your greedy hole and slips in.
"In fact," he continues, nudging me off and unzipping his jeans, letting his cock spring forth. "Let's start this now, hmm?"
My ears perk up and I grin, tongue lolling out of my mouth. "Oh yes please, Sir!"
He laughs, taking his cock out and letting it flop against his thighs in front of me. "Such an eager puppy, aren't you?"
I slide off the couch and onto my knees between his legs, laying my head on his thigh and pressing a quick kiss to the creamy skin.
"Yes, you're my eager sweet pup, aren't you?"
I nod against him, pressing my back against his other leg, licking up his thigh and burying my face into the lush wiry curls.
"Silly puppy," he murmurs, ruffling my hair.
I hum, my tongue darting out and licking the underside of his cock. He jolts, shivering and beaming down at me.
"Clearly I underestimated my puppy, didn't I?"
"Yes Sir!" I beam back at him and take the swollen dripping tip into my mouth.
Swirling my tongue around the tip, I swallow, precome ringing my lips as I bob against his thick shaft. He trembles above me, his typing stuttering and I snicker, pulling off his cock.
"What's wrong, Sir? Having trouble concentrating?"
He smirks back, pulling me into his lap and tugging down my jeans.
"Remember that sass for later, puppy," he says, running a hand over my underwear-clad ass.
"Wait? What do you mean-" My question's drowned out by a sound smack right down on my rear and I yelp.
He hums happily, pushing my jeans down towards my ankles and sliding a finger into the waistband of my boxers. He pulls back and lets it snap against my skin and I squirm in his lap, damp cloth sticking to my skin.
Another smack hits my ass and I gasp.
"Count off for me, puppy."
"'til when?"
"Oh, whenever I say you're done. Who's in charge here?"
I grin, despite my position, and answer cheerily. "Me!"
A fond sigh and he hits me again. "That's another one."
"One? Sir?"
"Good boy. Keep going."
Another smack. "Two Sir."
And another. "Three, Sir."
And another. "Four, Sir."
And another. "Five, Sir." My voice breaks off into a sob and my ass is on fire, the heat burning off my boxers.
"Good boy, puppy. That's good. You still gonna sass me?"
I shiver, shaking my head and trying to reach a hand back to rub at my burning hot ass but he catches it with one hand wrapping around my wrist.
"What's wrong pup? Need me to rub it for you?" He does, his hand rubbing the warmth around and I sigh happily as it floods my body. He continues rubbing and I squirm in his lap, feeling the small wet spot I'm making against his pants.
He glances down and smiles. "Oh, puppy left a wet spot, hmm? Well I know how to handle that. Get up and lie over there, pup." He points to the other side of the couch, piled up with pillows. "Just toss the pillows on the floor."
I obey him, sliding my underwear and jeans to the floor and lying on the couch, craning my neck up and watching as he makes his way between my legs.
He grins down at me, gently running a hand through the lush curls at the top. "Mmm, so soft and damp. And it's all for me, isn't it, puppy?"
I nod. "Yes, Sir! All for you."
He hums, licking down to my slit and sighing softly. "And I'm the only allowed down here, aren't I?"
"Yes Sir," I murmur, spreading my legs wider.
The only answer I get is a warm wet tongue gliding down and I groan.
"Feels good?" he murmurs against my skin, swirling his tongue around my hole.
"Y-yes, Sir. Feels real good. But," I pause and he lifts his head, beard wet and slick, and watches me. "Little to the left?"
He nods, smiling at me and dives down again, wet tongue slurping and sliding against my folds and I whine, squirming against him and he reaches up and pins my hips down with his hands.
"Stay still, puppy."
"Yes Sir. Sorry Sir."
I stay still despite his wandering wonderful tongue, dipping it into my slit and I gasp, a low moan escaping my mouth as he thrusts his tongue deeper in, moving it back and forth and my moaning gets louder. He murmurs something against my wet slippery skin but all I can feel are the vibrations and I squeeze his shoulder.
He pulls his head out, lips shiny and slick and it's all I can do to not pounce on him and lick his face clean. "What's wrong, puppy?" he asks, glancing up at me from the confines of my legs.
I blush. "N-nothing, I just have to, you know-" My voice drops to a whisper and he smiles broadly at me, taking over.
"Oh puppy has to come, huh? Well of course he can. Just let me get back into position."
He settles back between my legs, one hand gently stroking my inner thigh and I shiver and shudder, coating his lips and chin even more and he lets out a groan of his own, a wet spot growing quickly against his pants and I smile as he flops down against me, hands bracing on either side and he kisses me, slow and deep, his tongue sliding between my eagerly parting lips.


Feb. 15th, 2012 12:18 am
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Contains: D/s, puppyplay, anal play, pervertibles, hairbrushing
"Hmm?" He glances over at me, the two of us sprawled out on his couch.
I swallow. "Could we do something special?"
He smiles softly, draping an arm over me and pulling me against his chest.
"And what makes you think puppies are allowed on the furniture?"
I let out a squeak and scramble off the couch, sitting on my haunches between his legs and looking up at him.
He grins at me, laying a hand in my hair. "Good boy. I'll be right back. Stay." He gets up and I whine as his hand leaves my hair.
He comes back, carrying our usual box. "I figured puppy would like his toybox. Go on, pup, pick something out."
I burrow my nose into the box, pass the dildos and that wonderful buttplug and pull out a chewtoy-a bright blue ball with cloth tendrils.
He chuckles, reaching out and ruffling my hair. "Puppy wants to play with his ball, huh? I've got some balls he could play with."
I let out a low muffled bark and shake my head, the tendrils flopping.
He laughs, grabbing a tendril and tugging it. "Oh all right. But remember you're getting a brushing today."
My ears perk up and I grin around the toy, tugging back. I growl a little, jerking my head a bit and watching him barely hold on.
"Such a silly puppy," he says, tugging harder and managing to drag me a little closer to him. I growl in response, tugging harder as well and he chuckles, letting go and I stumble back, yipping.
He coos. "Aww, did my poor puppy hurt himself? Why doesn't he climb on up the couch and into my lap for a brushing?"
I bark happily and clamber up onto the couch, draping myself into his lap.
"Puppy's ready for his brushing, isn't he?"
I let out a whine and nudge his thigh in anticipation. He chuckles.
"All right, all right. Let me get your brush out." He pulls out the hairbrush with its long thin handle and dangles it in front on my face.
"You gonna be a good boy for me, puppy?"
"Arf!" I answer, squirming a bit in his lap.
He hums, pressing a hand against the nape of my neck. "Squirmy puppies don't get to be brushed. Now hold still."
I obey him, ducking my head as the brush runs through my hair, my scalp prickling. A low moan escapes my lips as he continues to brush my hair and he chuckles.
"Such a good puppy I have, he just loves getting brushed, doesn't he?"
I nod, nudging his hand to get him to continue.
"And he's staying so still for me that I think he deserves a treat."
His other hand wanders down my pants, pulling them down and exposing the round cheeks. A warm hand caresses them and he clucks. "Naughty puppy. Not wearing any underwear, was he?"
"No, Sir," I mumble, my face heating up.
He tugs my hair back with the brush, tilting my head up and smiles down at me. "Good boy."
"Back to my brushing?"
He laughs, continuing to slowly brush my hair, his other hand rubbing at my crack. "Puppy loves getting brushed doesn't he? And he's being such a good boy."
He slides his finger down my crack, putting the brush down and grabbing the bottle of lube from the box.
I whine when he takes the brush away and then gasp as a cold slippery finger slides into my crack.
"You like that, puppy?"
"Y-yes Sir," I gasp out. "Feels good."
"Then this'll feel even better," he says and I feel the smooth hard handle of the brush probe my hole.
I yelp and his hand presses down on the small of my back. "Easy, puppy, easy. You want this?"
"Yes Sir, please!"
A chuckle and he slowly slides the handle into my slick rear. "Such a good boy, I've got. Such a good good boy, letting his Master do this to him."
The handle continues to slide in and out of my ass and I press back against it, little whimpers escaping my mouth and he laughs, gently rubbing my back.
"Puppy just loves this, doesn't he? Loves getting his hole full with whatever his Master can find? Oh yes he does." He keeps rubbing my back, moving down to my cheeks and squeezing them, ducking down and pressing a kiss to the ample flesh.
"My good boy," he murmurs against me, his hand still pumping the handle inside me and I grind against him desperately. "You're getting my leg all wet, puppy."
"Sorry Sir."
He hums contentedly. "Oh no worries puppy, you'll be licking it up when we're done here."
He slides the handle all the way out and then plunges it back in, in one swift motion. I moan, gushing all over him, and he laughs at me.
"Good boy. Now get up."
I slowly climb off his lap, his arms supporting my descent down. "Careful there, puppy's legs are all wobbly, aren't they?"
I nod. "Uh-huh." I kneel down and start licking his leg, my own juices rich on my tongue. He moans as well, pressing down on my head as he palms himself, one hand down his pants as he jerks himself off, a groan escaping his mouth as he comes, spreading his seed all over his hands and offers it to me.
"Clean me up, puppy," he orders. And I obey eagerly, sucking his fingers into my mouth.


Jan. 16th, 2012 12:10 am
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Contains: D/s, semi-public play, blowjob, smothering

"C'mere, puppy. Got a treat for you."
My ears perk up and I look over at him, sliding my laptop onto the floor.
"You do Sir?"
"Yep." He grins at me and I glance down, my eyes catching on his semi-hard cock and I grin back.
"That doesn't count as a treat, Sir. I get that all the time."
He hums, a hand stroking my hair and I let out a contented purr. "Mmm, you do, don't you? Poor puppy, on his knees all the time, his Master's hard cock in his mouth, such a terrible life." He pauses, the hand tugging me closer towards him. "Oh well. Suck."
I sprawl against his legs, the tip of his cock in my mouth and I run my tongue over his head.
He gasps, hand tightening in my hair briefly. "Mmm, good boy. Keep sucking like that, kay?"
I nod, my eyes already closing in pleasure until another voice crackles out of his speakers.
"Hey man, where'd you go?"
He chuckles. "Sorry. Cats got in the way. I'm back now."
His hand's still slowly running through my hair and I hum around him, sliding a bit more into my mouth and he bites back a groan.
I giggle, listening to his breathing settle and the sound of his typing soon fills the air.
I pull back, the head of his cock still in my mouth and I start to run my tongue along it. He shudders against me, a low moan escaping his mouth and he flushes, the tips of his ears turning a light pink.
"Such a good puppy I have," he murmurs. "K-keep going."
Another noise from his speakers. "Dude, who are you talking to? You guys get a dog too?"
"Mmm, just dog-sitting," he gasps, his hand tightening in my hair as he lightly jerks me back and forth against him. "The puppy's kind of a handful though."
"You wanna stop?"
He laughs, covering up another gasp as I tongue his shaft greedily, focusing most of my attention on his head, foreskin taut.
"Nah, I can handle him and this." His voice breaks between the words and I grin around him, glancing up between my lashes. He grins back at me, pressing a kiss to my shoulder and then biting down.
"I can definitely handle my puppy," he murmurs into my skin.
I hum against him, pulling off with a soft pop and ducking down to his heavy hairy balls and licking them softly.
He shivers, pressing me against him, smothering my face into his musky warm crotch, his other hand flying against his keyboard.
"Just stay there puppy," he whispers and I whimper, mouthing at his cock desperately.
"Please Sir, please, oh please can I suck you off?" I beg, hands pressing against his hips.
"Mmm, you want to play, puppy? Puppy wants his toy, huh? Does puppy want his toy? Does him?" His voice rises towards the end until he's no longer whispering.
I nod eagerly, tongue lolling out of my mouth and I dive onto his cock, sucking the tip into my mouth with a soft slurp and he lets out a low grunt, grinning down at me.
"You've been such a good boy, puppy. Such a good boy today; you deserve a treat."
He slides a hand up his cock and jerks it quickly. "Lucky for my puppy, his Master doesn't need much to get him a treat," he murmurs into my shoulder, taking his hand off and gripping my shoulder as he comes, filling my mouth with salty bittersweet come and I swallow.
"Damn, dude, are you done playing with that dog? We got a game to play."
He laughs, reaching down and ruffling my hair, and tugs me against his chest, draping an arms over me.
"Yeah, I'm done. He kept whining so I had to play with him. Noisy little thing."
I humph, nipping at his clavicle before settling against him contentedly.
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a trans* guy specific zine [ Dude which I can't shill enough because it's awesome] and an anthology [Significant Letters which looks really cool but has a minimum of 3k which is a lot] both have upcoming calls for submission from lovers/significant others of trans guys [and in the case of the anthology, trans people in general].

I brought these up to the boy, just kinda 'cause I think it'd be cool if he did something, plus I like showing him parts of my world outside of fandom/geeky stuff/porn.

And amid his [complete and utter lies proclaiming that he can't write] blusterings [I just wanted an excuse to use blusterings in something of a sentence] he said that he "was interested but not enough to write" which I kinda coo'd at because that's the best I'm going to get and it's really enough that he's interested. Such a sweetheart.

Also he gave me permission [or at least doesn't care/didn't mention it and he would have if he didn't want me to, he is very good about voicing his displeasure] if I write about us whiiich means, i guess, that he's okay with being referred to as my partner which is kinda really awesome.


Jan. 8th, 2012 01:23 am
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Contains: D/s, anal: fingering, riding, rimming
"Missed you, Sir," I mumble into his shoulder, wrapping my arms around his waist.
"Missed you too puppy," he answers, his own arms wrapped around my shoulders.
"Wanna touch you." Press closer against him, shoving him down on the couch and straddling his thighs.
He chuckles, hands settling on my hips. "You do, huh? That's good because I want to touch you all over too."
I hum happily, burrowing into his chest and fumbling his buttons with my teeth.
Another laugh. "Silly thing. Use your fingers."
"Puppies don't use their paws, Sir! Duh."
"And puppies who ruin their Master's clothing get punished."
I squeak, pulling my mouth off his buttons and replacing them with my fingers.
"Good boy. You get a treat too."
My ears perk up, his shirt halfway open. "I get a treat?"
"Oh yes. Because you were such a good boy when I was gone." He pauses. "Weren't you?"
"Oh yes Sir! I was a good boy while you were gone even though you were gone a long time."
He runs a hand through my hair affectionately. "Good boy. Let me take off my pants."
I lean up and watch him take off his pants, his hard erection springing forth and I grin up at him.
"No underwear today, Sir?"
He grins back at me. "More of your treat, puppy."
I swallow, a thin line of drool escaping my mouth.
He grasps his cock, his other hand pulling me close to it, dragging the tip across my lips. "Strip for me, puppy," he orders.
I shudder in pleasure, obeying his orders. "And then I get to suck you off?"
"We'll see."
I whine a little, pressing my naked body against him. "Please, Sir?"
He laughs, a hand moving from his cock to my hair, jerking my head back.
"You get a taste. And that's it. You want me to have enough time for your treat, don't you?"
I nod, tears springing from my eyes at the pain. "Y-yes Sir."
He hums, shoving me to my knees and I watch as his cock head swims in front of me, glistening with precome. "Well puppy. I'm waiting. Just the head, remember?"
"'member," I mutter, delicately licking the tip and sliding it into my mouth.
He groans softly, hand digging into my hair. "Mmm, you're so good at this, puppy. Just love having your mouth around my cock."
His hips thrust against me and he pulls his hard throbbing cock out of my mouth and spreads himself wide.
"Go get me the lube, puppy. Flavored, if you can find any."
My eyes widen and I beam at him, scrambling off the couch and going into the box by the side, pulling up a chocolate-orange tube. "Is this good, Sir?"
"That's perfect, puppy. Come here."
I crawl back onto the couch, watching as he pops off the top and squirts a generous amount into his hand and beckons me with his finger.
"C'mere, pup. You ready?"
I squirm in anticipation before tilting my head. "Sir, how're we gonna do this?"
He pauses. "I figured I'd lube your ass up real well and then have you sit on me. Does that sound good?"
"Can I face you?"
He nods, one hand reaching out for my thigh and tugging me closer. "Yeah, I think we can manage that here."
I climb on top of him, chest to stomach, as I feel his cold slippery fingers around my hole and I beam at him, tongue lolling out happily.
He beams back, working a finger into me and I let out a gasp.
"Gotta get you ready for me, puppy, make sure you can take all of my cock in you."
I groan as a second finger slides into me, spreading me wide as he lines up his cock.
"Ready, puppy?"
"Yes," I whine, rocking gently against his fingers.
He chuckles, pulling his fingers out and I watch eagerly as he lubes up his cock.
"All right. Go."
I slide down, feeling the tip of him slowly enter me and I let out a low gasp, sliding more into me as he groans out loud.
"Nnrgh, puppy, you feel so good," he says, hands pressing into my hips. "Move a little, yeah?"
"Yeah, yeah," I groan, rocking my hips back and forth against him.
He arches his hips up, holding me in place, and reaches up, pressing a kiss to my chest.
"Su-such a good boy, I have. A good needy boy and his Master just loves filling his puppy's needs," he babbles, thrusting harder against and I cling to his shoulders when he thrusts one last time, grunting as he fills me with his hot come. I slide off him, my head dropping onto his chest and he wraps his arms around me, holding me close.
I nuzzle into him happily. "This was fun, Sir."
He nuzzles me back, smiling sleepily. "It's not over yet, pup."
"It's not?" I lift my head up, staring at him in confusion.
"I told you to get flavored lube for a reason, puppy. Turn around."
I obey immediately, grinning in anticipation. "Yes Sir!"
He rubs the small of my back lovingly then presses a kiss to it, slowly going down. "Good boy. No squirming."
I giggle as his tongue snakes out and licks at my hole. "I'll try, Sir."
He hums in response, pressing his face closer to my skin and I can feel his tongue wriggling around and I manage to suppress a yelp of laughter.
More licking and I squirm despite myself, his tongue delving deep and pressing against my sensitive walls.
"Mmf, Sir!" I gasp out and he lifts his head up, grinning at me.
"Yes, puppy? Want me to stop?"
"N-no, no, keep going please Sir!"
"All right," he says, chuckling and diving back down.
"Gonna get you all clean, puppy," he murmurs against me, thrusting his tongue in and out, occasionally flicking it against my hole.
"Mmm," I groan, still squirming.
He pulls off, licking his lips in contentment. "There we go, puppy. All clean. Now c'mere." He flops back onto the couch, arms above his head.
I burrow against his side, feeling his arm come down around me, holding me in against him.


Dec. 25th, 2011 06:02 pm
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Contains: D/s, foodplay: oral/anal penetration, bondage, uncouth uses of decorations, undressing, smothering, oral sex
The candy cane trails across my lips and I open them eagerly, sucking the tip into my mouth.
"Ready for this, puppy?"
"Yes Sir!" I answer, grinning up at him.
"Good boy," he murmurs. "Gonna make you all pretty, puppy."
"Oh yes. Close your eyes."
I obey immediately, shivering as I feel him peel off my clothes. "Lift your arms," he says, pulling my shirt off. "And your hips." He slides my jeans down to my ankles and I smile at him, biting my lip, clad only in increasingly damp briefs-and, of course, my collar.
"Such a handsome puppy I have," he whispers, straddling me, his hard heavy cock pressing against my face. "And he's gonna love my hard cock against his face, isn't he?"
I nod, the musky rich scent of his crotch making me dizzy and I rub my face against his boxer-clad cock, relishing the growing wet spot on the front. "Mmm, y-yes Sir. I love it, Sir, love having your cock shoved in my face, love having your musky wonderful scent filling my lungs, love it love it, love it," I mumble against him, sliding my face down to burrow against his heavy balls, reaching my tongue out and licking the fabric. He shudders and chuckles against me.
"Mmm, eager puppy, aren't you? Just love sucking my cock, don't you? Well I've got a surprise for you. A little holiday present for my perfect sweet puppy."
"Mmmhm. Arms behind your back." I listen, feeling him rustle around behind me and a cool wet presence at the curve of my ass.
"Sir? What are you doing?"
He hums, stroking my back and slipping my briefs off. "Just getting your present ready, puppy. I know how much you like having your greedy holes filled." He rummages around some more, my hands tightly bound behind me and I crane my neck around, watching him pull out a rather large glistening carrot. My eyes widen and I grin in excitement.
"You really think I can take all that Sir?"
He catches my eyes and grins back wickedly. "You can take all of me, puppy, so I know you can take as much of this as I can shove into your needy little hole. Now turn back around."
I do, trembling slightly in anticipation as I feel the cold tip touching my ass. He strokes the small of my back, pressing a quick kiss to it. "Relax, puppy. It's not even in yet. And when it's in you won't need to worry about it again because it's staying in there until I pull it out. Or make you eat it."
I groan, listening to him. "Oh please Sir."
"Here it comes, puppy." I can feel a good couple of inches slide into me and I yelp softly, backing into the carrot eagerly. "More, Sir, more, please."
"Easy, easy," he murmurs, a warm heavy hand on my back, steadying as he slides more inside me, the carrot filling me nearly completely. "Almost there, puppy."
I let out a moan, dripping down there as he finishes sliding in most of the carrot, leaving enough out that he can pull it out if need be.
"There we go, puppy," he says, running a hand up my back and letting it rest at the nape of my neck. "Such a good boy you've been, taking all that inside you. Mmm, it gets me so hard just remembering it." He moves from behind me, his throbbing erection swaying before me and a thin line of drool escapes my mouth.
"It does, Sir?"
He chuckles, watching me staring at him. "Oh yes. You want to taste?"
I nod eagerly, gingerly crawling over, each step lightly jostling the enormous carrot inside me and sending small waves of pleasure through me.
"Come on then," he murmurs, rolling back his foreskin and exposing his swollen dripping head, a hand wrapped loosely around his base.
I hum happily, pressing a kiss to the head before licking up the shaft, placing my lips over it and dragging my tongue against the warm flesh.
He lets out a low groan, his hips thrusting a little and his other hand tangles in my hair.
"Nnn, good boy, puppy. You know exactly how to push all my buttons, don't you?"
I pull off and grin at him. "You know to push all my but-"
He jerks my head up, eliciting a low gasp. "Did I say you could talk?"
"N-no, Sir," I answer, staring at him with wide eyes.
"Then get back to my cock." A low snarl and he shoves me back down, a smear of precome getting on my cheek and I open my mouth back up, sucking the head into my mouth.
"Much better."
I swallow around him, my eyes closed in pleasure as I continued to suck his cock, drool running down my chin and he thrusts into my mouth again and again.
"Such a good puppy, sucking my cock. Want to see how much of your pretty mouth we can fill?" His hand reaches down and strokes my back, stopping just above the cleft of my ass and he wiggles the carrot around, grinning.
I moan around him, even more of his hard cock sliding into my mouth.
"I'll take that as a yes," he says, leaning back and thrusting again into my mouth. "You just lie back and take it like a good boy. Let me fuck your pretty mouth until I come on you and coat your skin with my mark."
I whine a little, shaking my head.
"No? Oh no that's right, I forget my puppy just loves to swallow my come, doesn't he? Well, if he keeps up the sucking, he's definitely going to be getting some of his Master's come to swallow."
I squirm in pleasure, nodding around his cock. He takes a handful of my hair, holding me steady as he thrusts into my mouth, finally coming, sending spurt after spurt of hot come against my tongue and I eagerly swallow it, my ass clenching around the carrot as I come as well, the sweet cream dripping down my thighs and soaking the couch.
He glances down at the wet spot on the couch and rubs a hand across my ass. "Tsk, tsk, puppy. You got the couch all wet. You know that's not allowed. You know what happens now, don't you?"
I hang my head, a blush staining my cheeks. "Yes Sir. I get punished because I was a bad boy."
"That's right," he murmurs, still rubbing circles around my ass before he pulls back and smacks it, the sound ringing in my ears. I yelp, the first smack jostling the carrot inside and I whine.
"A-aren't you gonna take out the carrot, Sir?"
"Mmm, let me think," he answers, delivering another smack on the other cheek.
I gasp as it stings, reddening my ass cheeks and he rubs the sore spot briefly before he slaps it again.
"Nope. Not taking it out. Bad boys don't get to have their presents taken out. But I'll be nice this time; you only have two more to go, puppy."
I arch against his hand, silently begging him to continue. He chuckles.
"Puppy doesn't seem to understand the concept of a punishment. Perhaps I should spank him some more, maybe make it ten?"
I shake my head, whimpering. "No, no Sir, please don't give me more, I'll be good, promise."
Another slap comes down on my already-reddened ass and I yelp, the action driving the carrot deeper into me.
He stops, gently pressing against the base of the carrot. "You all right, pup? Not too far in, is it?"
"No, Sir, it's fine. Can you finish my punishment now?"
A smile and he does and I shiver against him, a few drops of come leaking onto his leg.
He eases me off his lap, working his fingers into my asshole, grabbing the base of the carrot and slowly starting to pull it out. It finally comes with a soft 'pop' and I let out a low moan.
"Did you enjoy your present, puppy?"
"Oh yes Sir! It was the best present I've gotten!"
"Good," he says, pulling me into his lap and kissing me softly. "Love you puppy."
I lean up and kiss him back, slipping my tongue into his mouth. "Love you too, Sir."
He hums happily, one hand snaking to the back of my head, holding me as he slides his tongue against mine. My own hands grip his shoulders as I tilt my head back, confident that he'll hold me up. He shoves me down against the pillows, pressing his body over mine, nipping softly at my neck and around my collar.
"Good boy, such a good boy," he murmurs. And I grin, reaching up and licking his face. "Your good boy?"
He chuckles, trapping me in his arms and burrowing his face into my neck, making me giggle from his beard. "Of course. You'll always be my good boy."


Nov. 24th, 2011 05:44 pm
agent_squeaks: (Default)
Contains: D/s, rough sex: biting, oral fixation, verbal humiliation
He sinks his teeth into my shoulder and bites and I yelp, my body going loose and languid against his and I arch into him, pleading words dripping off my tongue.
"Oh please oh please don't stop keep going please oh please Sir."
He pulls back, my shoulder slick and shiny with spit and indented with his teethmarks. "I don't bite where it'll show."
Whine and nip at his fingertips, sucking the digits into my mouth, swirling my tongue around them, pull off with a soft pop. "Don't care," I mumble, glancing up at him through my eyelashes. "Want it t'show."
He hums, little bites trailing up my chest. "That's nice, puppy. Maybe if you're good."
I press my fingertips into his skin and whine again. "I am a good boy Sir."
A soft chuckle and he licks a line up my skin before leaning back, exposing his hard erection and he taps his thighs. "Show me, puppy."
I grin, inching my way against his thigh and reaching out my tongue to flick at the head, the foreskin pulled taut.
"Keep going. I know you can do better than that."
I lap at his cock, relishing the hot taste of precome against my tongue and I slip the head into my mouth.
"No teeth, remember puppy?"
"'member," I mumble around him, my eyes closing in pleasure as I start to suckle gently at his cock.
He groans softly, a hand twisting in my hair. "Such a good boy," he murmurs. "My sweet little cocksucker."
I hum against his skin, dipping my tongue against the tip, flicking it up and down against his thick shaft, the warm flesh filling my mouth and I moan a little.
He chuckles again, running a hand through my hair and letting it rest at the nape of my neck. "Little slut," he says affectionately and I pull off, giving him a wet drooly grin.
He grins back, the hand on my neck tightening ever so slightly. "Get back to it, puppy. I never said you could have a break."
"Mmm, yes Sir!" I answer, shoving his legs apart just a little more as I burrow between them against his thigh, licking the warm skin.
"Mine mine mine," I sing-song, licking a stripe up the underside of his cock and feeling him shudder beneath me. He yanks on my hair, holding my head up and I hiss in pleasure.
"Wrong answer, puppy."
"Good boy." His grip on my hair slackens and he strokes my hair, pushing me back down towards his swollen cock.
I lap at the beads of precome and suck the tip into my mouth, dragging my tongue across it and he groans above me.
"Such a good boy you are. Sucking my cock like you were born to, aren't you? Yes you are."
I slide more of his thick shaft into my mouth, my hands gripping his hips and he shudders above me, his hands fisted tight in my hair, hips stuttering out a beat.
He thrusts into my mouth weakly and I growl around him. "More."
He laughs and thrusts again harder this time, holding my head as he thrusts hard into my mouth, a thin line of drool falling out from my lips and I moan in pleasure.
One last thrust and he's coming, sending spurt after spurt of hot come cascading down my throat and I swallow it all eagerly.
His softening cock slides out of my mouth and I blink up at him.
He smiles down at me, pulling me up for a kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth.
"Love you," he mumbles into my mouth, still grinning at me.
"Love you too," I mumble back, grinning back at him and dragging myself more into his lap.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 03:08 pm
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Was hanging out with the boy last Saturday [the 19th], we're fooling around [i got some whee!] it's all good and then he calls my genitalia "exotic".
i'd already been feeling dysphoric that whole week [a friend of mine started T with insurance/without any hassles so i've been ridic jealous] and that didn't help.

asked him about the day after [just to make sure i'm not just his "trans guy experiment" because i've been someone's experiment before and it's not something i want to repeat, especially not with him] and i got this in response:
"Well, I don't really have experience with trans guys at all~ So figuring out what makes you giggle and squirm despite our differences is icing on a clever, quirky cake :3"

Yeah, i've been pretty much a pile of goo since. [and this later response didn't help: "well you are a silly handsomeface"]

and now he knows [one word] what not to call me! yaayy!
[i also have a pdf for him. it's Dude-a trans guy zine that he really needs to read, just as a sort of primer or something/open up a discussion/see if he has any questions.]

*dusts off*

Nov. 6th, 2011 03:43 pm
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oh wow it's been longer than i thought. oops.

Not much except that my name change is legal! 100% totally legal. I still have to scurry around doing paperwork, of course but that won't be as bad as my mother says it will be.

Still with the boy. Spent pretty much the entire day with him yesterday-that was fun, got a lot of snuggles, found out he likes hanging out with me and having sex with me. yay!

Ummm, what else? ...
Oh! School. Is sorta going? I have plans at least. [CC in the spring and then WVU in the fall]
So there's that.

Got a SomethingAwful account. Been a pretty much amazing group of people. <3333

That that's really it tbh.
Mostly I've just been living.


Nov. 6th, 2011 01:22 am
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Contains: D/s, ageplay: various ages, role reversal, nursing, copious amounts of cutesy petnames
"Mister Puppy, will you read me a story?"
I grin, ruffling his hair and he pouts at me before ducking his head.
"Quiddit. You're messin' up my hair!"
And I laugh, pulling him into my lap and nuzzling his nose. "Thought you wanted me to read you a story, sweetheart?"
He squirms in my lap, nuzzling me back with his hard-on pressing against his boxers. "Uh-huh. I do! But-" He ducks his head, biting his lower lip and I coo, still grinning at him.
"What's wrong, darling?"
"Can it be a special story?"
My eyebrow raises. "A special story?"
He beams at me, the tip of his tongue sticking out and he grinds against me.
"Yeah! I wan' a special story."
I let out a low gasp, my briefs becoming a little damp. "Y-you do, huh? Well all right."
He giggles and squirms more on my lap. "Goody, I like your stories, Mister Puppy."
"Mmm, good boy. Well, once upon a time there lived a lonely little puppy-"
"In a castle right?"
"Right." I pause and drag a finger across his throbbing erection and he lets out a low whine and arches his hips. "And don't interrupt.
"Once upon a time there lived a lonely little puppy in a castle. And all the little puppy wanted was someone to cuddle up against at night, because it was very cold in his room and the puppy liked cuddling with people." Another pause and he glances up at me.
"Th' puppy's not gonna be lonely for a while right? I don' want him to be sad."
I nuzzle into his neck, licking his face and sliding my palm over his hot heavy cock, squeezing just a little and he keens softly.
"You want me to finish the story, don't you sweetheart?"
He nods eagerly, hips thrusting against my palm. "Yes yes yes!"
"Mmkay. And no the puppy's not gonna be lonely for very long. Because a wonderfully handsome sweet boy's going to rescue the puppy." I nuzzle his nose and he giggles.
"That's me right?"
I nod, kissing his lips, slipping the tip of my tongue inside. He hums happily, his mouth opening for me and he lets me slide my hands into his hair.
"Such a good boy, you are," I murmur into his mouth. "And such a wonderful boy deserves a special treat."
His eyes go wide and he grins shyly. "I do?"
"Mmmhmm," I say, undoing my shirt buttons.
He squirms on my lap, a thin line of drool escaping his mouth and he makes little happy noises ever so often.
I chuckle, sliding my shirt off my shoulders. "Someone's an excited little thing, aren't they?" I murmur into his ear, pulling his head towards a hard nipple and his mouth opens greedily.
He nods. "Uh-huh, I like Mister Puppy's chest," he mumbles against my skin, tongue darting out to lick me before he sucks the nipple into his warm wet mouth.
A low moan escapes my throat as he starts to suckle, his eyes closing in pleasure.
"Oh yes, yes ri-right there, good boy good boy," I babble, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.
He pulls off with a soft pop and latches onto the other one, my hand against the back of his head pressing him even closer, the other trailing along his back. He nurses eagerly, a small groan flowing out of his mouth when I finally ease him off, panting.
"All right," I gasp out. "Now then let's get that other little problem taken care of, hmm?"
He nods, hips thrusting into air at my words. "Yes please, sir."
"You want my mouth or fingers, sweetheart?"
Another groan and he whines like a petulant teen. "I don't care just touch me please?"
"Mouth it is." I kneel down between his legs and take his hard leaking tip into my mouth. He jerks and a hand snakes into my hair, holding my head as he thrusts into my mouth roughly once twice then once more until he comes messily against me, his cock softening against my lips. I pull off, licking my lips, and grin at him.
He grins back, dragging me on top of him and yawning. "Snuggle?"
I burrow into his chest, his arms coming around me. "'course."

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