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Birthdate:Apr 22
Location:West Virginia, United States of America
Website:original fiction
Silentium sit ubique!


I am a gay trans male, pre-op/on T since 5/1/2015. This journal is a way of chronicling my journey-hence the title.
[Also I babble about books. And occasionally post original fiction.]

"If you're really a writer, then nothing I can say will stop you. If you're
not really a writer, then nothing I can say will help you." - James Baldwin

Somedays the line I walk
Turns out to be straight
Other days the line tends to deviate
I've got no criteria for sex or race
I just want to hear your voice
I just want to see your face

'Cause i'm going straight to Hell
Just like my momma said

turn up the bright lights; light up the world tonight

show me how pretty the world is
['cause i envy the way that you move
'cause i want something a little bit louder
'cause you're brilliant when you try]

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19th century time-travelers, accents, aeneas/achates, aeneid, alex delaware series, bdsm, being uniquely snowflakey, better than ezra, bigltm, birthday kisses, birthday scones, books, boostle, boys, catullus, certamen, chocolate, climbing barbed wire fences, collars, conlang, conworld, corrupting the innocent, cowboys & angels, cravats, creek, d/s, derek hammond, destroying your childhood dreams, draco malfoy/harry potter, dragons, drake and josh, draw blood, dumbledore/grindelwald, eating advent-calendar-chocolate prematu, eight seconds, fandom_wank, fanfiction, fantasy, fbi, felix/mildmay, femmeslash, fiction, forensic science, gaming, gay rights, geekery, geeky boys, giovanni/david, good omens, harlan brown/billy sive, harry/cedric, history, house, house/wilson, jack/ennis, javid, jaywalking, jeffrey dahmer, jeremy ekis, jewelry, john wayne gacy, josef weeder/micheal patterson, kit crowe/john ritchie, kit/john, languages, latin, law and order, letting those apples fall, libraries, linguistics, literature, little miss sunshine, mailmen, masochism, matt nathanson, men in suits, messengers, milo sturgis/alex delaware, milo/alex, mocking anything, mocking stupid people, mod boys, mythology, neil gaiman, newsies, nick/greg, not sharing this interest, original slash, pain, paisley for kink purposes, pallium scientiae, pie, piercings, pinstripe clothing, poetry, pokémon, pr0n, practicing my evil laugh, psychology, puppyplay, queer literature, rats, reading, redheads, religion, rent, sadistic humor, same-sex marriage, sarcasm, scifi, serial killers, sharing this interest, shiny things, silver, sims 2, singing, slash, slashy subtext, sleeping, snarkyness, south park, sporking, style, suits, tattoos, the front runner, the simpsons, tj/brad, trans men, transgender, trivial pursuit, urban exploration, urban legends, vincent cusack/shane butler, warping minds, weed/mike, werewolves, when things go wrong, william voorhis university, wolves, working that silver magic, world domination, writing, youth in revolt
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